NBI Clearance Renewal – August 2015

I have been blogging about my observations and impressions when getting my National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance since 2007, and since I had to get another one recently, I felt it was time to do another blog. However, I am going to change the format of my blog for NBI Clearances, before I just put a “Negatives” section followed by a “Positives” section and then my final thoughts, but this time I am going to adopt a more “Free-Flowing” format mainly because there have been major changes in the way the NBI Clearance is obtained recently and I wanted to describe those changes also.

‘The Changes’
The first main change that the NBI made is that it is now MANDATORY for you to register your information ONLINE first. If I remember it right, as early as the mid-2000s there already was an online registration option for getting NBI Clearances, but it was not mandatory, you could still opt to go and get your clearance the old way, which was to go to an NBI Office and then stand in line. This time however, as far as I know, you need to FIRST REGISTER AN ACCOUNT at the NBI Website, which is here: http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/

Now, I am not going to do a walkthrough of how to make the online registration, I am just going to offer my opinions about it. There are a couple of good sites out there that provide walkthroughs of the new NBI Clearance system, like the following sites:
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Homosexuality: Separating the Sinner from the Sin?

The latest Vatican Synod’s recognition of the contribution of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community[1] has ignited a storm of debate between the Conservative and Liberal sectors of the Catholic community. Reading among the comments being generated in Social Media, one topic that I found to be highly interesting was the Catholic and/or Christian Philosophy that one can SEPARATE the Sin from the Sinner, in this case particularly the ACT of Homosexuality from that of BEING a Homosexual.

Personally I find this to be STUPID Philosophy (a Philosophy being insisted on by the more CONSERVATIVE side of Catholicism) mainly because it actually WORSENS the situation than eases it. The “Conservative” or EXTREMISTS side works on the principle of HATE, and it really doesn’t matter whether they hate the Sin or the Sinner, all that hate just gets transferred to another area and at the same time makes things more complicated, for a number of reasons.

’Worsens Witch Hunt’
Insisting that one can be gay without committing the sex act actually WORSENS the WITCH HUNT surrounding the hate against Homosexuals as people now look for other “signs” that make one gay. For example, never mind if the person has never had a homosexual act, people will instead ask, does he have some sort of a Heterosexual relationship? If none, then automatically he’s gay. Is he an old bachelor? Gay. Having Erectile Dysfunction? Gay. In other words, it BROADENS the definition of WHAT is a Homosexual among these extremists. For them, it is better to err on the side of “overkill” than let a Homosexual pass thru unnoticed.
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What Does a Public Provincial High School in Thailand Look Like?

I got the opportunity to travel again to Thailand early this year, and as usual I highly enjoyed the trip. However, these out of the country trips at the same time also serve as a sobering reminder of how sh#@ty our country really is compared to most of our South East Asian neighbors. So how far off Thailand is really compared to the Philippines? Well, one way to answer that would be to show their government facilities, and then compare it with ours.

’Bang Lamung Secondary School’
I stayed at the Bang Lamung District in the city of Pattaya, which in turn is in the province of Chonburi in Thailand. The district is around 1 ½ hours drive starting from the outskirts of Bangkok, which would make it roughly equivalent to Los Banos in the South or Clark Pampanga in the North from Manila here in the Philippines.

I didn’t really got to get around much as I was there mainly to take a course, but right next door to my “El Cheapo” hotel was the Bang Lamung Secondary School (BLSS) compound with I got to jog around a couple of times during my stay. I decided to take a couple of pictures of the place mainly as souvenir, and also as a way to show my countrymen what it is like there as I am now doing in this blog.
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Anonymous Commenter and the Terrorist Bombings

(Update September 3, 2013: Before you read this blog, note that I have CHANGED my mind about “Anonymous Incorporated”. I think this group has a HIDDEN AGENDA, and that is ultimately to DESTABILIZE the PNoy Administration. They do this by using the Napoles Incident as POLITICAL CAPITAL to spread negativity on the current administration. To know more about this, you can follow my Facebook Page about this organization: Beware of Anonymous Incorporated)


And the Anonymous Commenter strikes again. I recently made a blog about the comments of an anonymous person in the blog, “Janet Napoles’ Pork Barrel Scam: Theft from a Nation?” (access it here: http://momandpopmoments.com/2013/07/31/janet-napoles-pork-barrel-scam-theft-from-a-nation), but I did not include some comments because I thought they were too “outrageous”.

The Anonymous Commenter said that the “Powers-that-be” will do something drastic, like stage explosions around Metro Manila to distract the people from the ongoing scandal involving Napoles. Personally I thought it affected the credibility as he or she seemed a bit too much of a conspiracist and a loony. However, look at the news item we just got: Car bomb kills 6 in Cotabato, http://www.philstar.com/headlines/2013/08/06/1056971/car-bomb-kills-6-cotabato

Hence, without further ado, I am reinstating the Anonymous Commenter’s comments here about these staged explosions:
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Anonymous Commenters on Napoles

(Update September 3, 2013: Before you read this blog, note that I have CHANGED my mind about “Anonymous Incorporated”. I think this group has a HIDDEN AGENDA, and that is ultimately to DESTABILIZE the PNoy Administration. They do this by using the Napoles Incident as POLITICAL CAPITAL to spread negativity on the current administration. To know more about this, you can follow my Facebook Page about this organization: Beware of Anonymous Incorporated)


A blog entitled, “Janet Napoles’ Pork Barrel Scam: Theft from a Nation?” is making waves not because of the blog itself, but because of the anonymous commenters on the blog. You can access the blog here: http://momandpopmoments.com/2013/07/31/janet-napoles-pork-barrel-scam-theft-from-a-nation/

I found the comments to be absolutely intriguing, but it deserves a better format so people can appreciate it better, hence I have selected and collected only those that I feel are the best among them. The comments show the POSSIBLE political connections and machinations on how the Napoles family got so influential, and got so rich. Do the country a service, and SHARE this to let as many people know about how these individuals are robbing the Filipino people blind.


Anonymous says: AUGUST 1, 2013 AT 6:43 PM
Janet Lim Napoles has strong ties before with the late Emilia Boncodin, DBM Secretary. Emilia is the one that keep Janet in the loop whenever a budget or SARO is approved and to which senator or congressman.
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Homosexuality and the Bible

(First of all, just a clarification so it will all be clear, I am NOT a homosexual myself. However, I have seen how “Haters” treat homosexuals like sub-humans, and I find this to be intensely repugnant. Attittudes like this has no place in truly just and modern society, and hating a fellow human being for the sake of hate is simply WRONG, period.

I myself have also felt the wrath of these Haters in their pathetic all-out, scorched-Earth, and desperate campaign against homosexuality. They aim to constantly demonize homosexuality, and all those who defend or are tolerant towards it.

I don’t necessarily agree with homosexuality, but to me they are just people whose opinion I don’t agree with. I don’t see any reason for me to intentionally discriminate or ostracize them based on that account.)

‘Bible Verses Against Homosexuality’
I am often amused and at the same time disgusted on how supposedly religious people often cite their religion and the Bible as their basis for demonizing and sub-humanizing homosexuals. I am amused because of their ignorance, and at the same time disgusted how these supposedly people of God use their religion to provide inhuman treatment upon others.

These Christian Extremists often cite certain passages of the Bible which are not in favor of homosexuality, and some of these are:

– “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22 KJV)

– “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13 KJV)

– “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” (1 Corinthians 6:9-11 KJV)
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NBI Clearance Renewal – May 2013

I wrote a blog about my NBI Clearance renewal in September of 2007(click here), and since I had my NBI renewed again recently, I decided to write another one, and perhaps compare my experiences since then to see if there were any improvements. The satellite office in Carreido where I got my clearance renewed in 2007 is now reportedly closed, so I got my clearance this time from the main office at the corner of Taft Avenue and Padre Faura Street.


* Walking Shorts are Not Allowed in the Premises. Luckily, one of street peddlers outside of the entrance was renting slacks for P50. She had a (what I guess) were sized 36 pants, which were 4 sizes smaller than mine, so it was a tight fit, but it was good as the pants at least stayed in place well, and I just tucked my T-Shirt out and over it so nobody noticed. I wore it over my walking shorts right out there in the sidewalk, right in front of the passerbys. Nobody seemed to take notice of my situation, though. I can’t understand this stupid requirement by the NBI, we are in a tropical country, so why insist on implementing a stupid rule during the very hot summer? If they say they want decency in their “nice” facility, then all I can say is that their facility is not as “nice” as they say it is.

* Fixers Abound. As I was wearing the rented slacks over my walking shorts, one fixer siddled up to me and said the clearance will only be released by June 4, but he kept implying he could have it released faster. So I asked him straight out how soon I would get the clearance, and for how much if I had it go through him? He quoted a price of P800. I said it was too much for me, so I just declined and headed off into the compound.

* Intense Corruption Among NBI Employees is Common. As I enter the compound, there is a table where two men were handing out forms. As they were handing out the forms, they kept saying that the clearance will only be released on June 4, about a week away and the same thing the Fixer told me. I just told them I was not in a hurry, so it was okay with me. It turned out later that this is just an EXCUSE, presumably to drive more business to the Fixers of which I presume they had a cut. There was no delay, I got my clearance right after I finished the process. I asked somebody at the facility why I kept hearing about the “June 4 release”, and he told me it referred to applicants with issues found in during the background check.
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