The Jose Valhalla Check

I would just like to revisit this “Jose Valhalla” issue which the prosecution brought out as evidence against Erap at the start of the impeachment trial :

a. A “Jose Valhalla” issued a check worth P 142 million pesos to the bank account of Jose “Sel” Yulo, the President’s associate and former housing czar.

b. No “Jose Valhalla” could be found on the records of the National Statistics Office traced back to the last 25 years, neither can this name be traced to the Bureau of Immigration’s records.

c. The signature of this “Jose Valhalla” bores a striking resemblance to the signature of Erap.

d. The P 142 million in Yulo’s account was then used to fund a company named “St. Peter’s Holdings”, which acquired a 7,000 sq. m. lot in New Manila.

e. This “St. Peter’s Holdings” company was founded by Edward Serapio, one of Erap’s lawyers. Despite the fact that its paid up capitalization is only P 62,500, it was able to acquire the New Manila lot worth P86 million in Oct. 1, 1999 using the money transferred from Yulo’s bank account.

In summary, we have a person who does not exist based on any local records, but who has a striking resemblance to Erap’s signature, graciously issuing a check worth P142 million to Yulo, who is a known presidential associate. The same money was then transferred to a company founded by one of the president’s lawyers, which bought the New Manila house. That same house in turn was where Laarni lived for a while by admission of the President, and whose address was listed in the yellow pages under Laarni’s name.

I don’t know, but, is it just me, or does anybody also see that something very fishy with the series of events/facts cited above?


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