Laarni’s Flight

(January 12, 2001)

There’s something wrong about this whole incident.

Everybody knows who Laarni is, and the guy who was caught with the P6 million was most probably carrying her money. After all, Laarni conveniently took a flight out of the country just as a subpoena was about to be issued to her that same day to appear before the impeachment court. That P6 million would’ve ensured a comfortable stay for her wherever it is she’s going for as long as necessary.

What puzzles me is that, how come the guy got caught? He had obviously been escorted in someway because if not, he would not have likely passed 2 X-ray machine inspections, so the customs people must’ve known who he was, and what the money he was carrying for. And yet he still got caught.

If I were a customs guy, I would definitely have 2nd thoughts about accosting that fellow, specially if he had already passed thru a couple of inspections, knowing who he is. I would’ve feared for my job. Unless, of course, some groups in the customs office have reasons we can only speculate about to brazenly embarass a favorite presidential mistress.

What’s worst is that Laarni’s embarkation card was also leaked to the press, so yesterday evening, on channel 2’s “TV Patrol”, the card was shown with Laarni’s address listed as, “771 Harvard St., Wack Wack Subd.”, with matching signature below it. The house on that address was the same house Erap kept denying as bought by him to house one of his mistresses.

Bottomline is that Erap still ended up with a lot of egg on his face because of this incident. The NAIA personnel could’ve just kept everything quiet, the whole incident relegated to just rumors in the days to come. Instead, the arrested person got presented to the media with the money, Laarni got to go to HK without her P6 million, and Laarni’s departure card shown to the public with the Wack-Wack address on it.

Maybe in her haste, she wasn’t able to prepare everything to go as smoothly as she wanted, or maybe there was a feud between no. 1 and ….. is it no. 2, or 4, or 5?….. in which case, the NAIA officials definitely would not want to get involved ….

Another chapter in the Erap As President saga …..


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