Pacquiao-Larios Fight

I just saw the Pacquiao-Larios fight on video, and my thoughts about the fight:

* The 3rd round: No doubt about it, Manny nearly got knocked out in that incredible 3rd round. Larios threw a total of 6 punches that connected solidly on the Pacman and nearly brought him down. The first 2, was a 1-2 combination that clearly hurt Manny. Manny bent over, and then went to the ropes. He got hit 3 more times in the face, but the last, a solid left connected with his chin and really, really, really nearly caused him to fall to the canvass. It was a wonder to me how Manny managed to keep standing after being hit by that solid left when he was already hurt by Larios’ previous punches.

* 3rd round or not, in general, I think Pacman physically was just the superior fighter. He was faster, stronger, and with exceptional technique. I agree with the observation that Manny could’ve easily knocked Larios out after the 7th round if he wanted to. Again and again, Manny connected at will with his left straight. I liked the way he would tag Larios with a straight left, then move to his right to avoid Larios’ counterpunching. He did that at least half a dozen times per round starting with the 4th round. What Manny did, was basically turn Larios into a live sparring partner, practising his boxing skills.

* You have to give it to Larios, though. The guy had tremendous heart, and exceptional conditioning. Really tremendous heart, and exceptional conditioning. He got tagged again … and again … and again … and again, with punches so strong, you could see his head snack back and up. The power and frequency of those punches cummulatively would’ve probably been enough to knock down a Horse, which means that Larios group should start looking seriously at the possible long term effects it will have on his brain after undergoing that ordeal with Manny. At times, Manny hitting him at will almost made him look pitiful. But, the guy has tremendous heart, and a lot of class. Larios has gained my respect, I wish him luck on whatever endeavors he will pursue from hereon.

* Overall, I feel this has not been a good fight for Manny, notwithstanding his dominating performance, simply because it exposed his weakness, that he can be knocked out, given the right circumstances. If it had been Morales doing those things to him on the 3rd round, I doubt if the Pacman would’ve been able to get up. I am pretty sure, that Manny’s stock have gone down a wee bit after this fight, because of that critical 3rd round. Morales will likely be replaying that 3rd round again, and again, dissecting it, and getting inspiration from it. Fans should not expect an easy fight for the Pacman when MP-EM 3 comes. While Manny’s weakness has been exposed, Morales has pretty much kept whatever secrets he has under wraps, to be exposed when their fight comes in November. I hope, it will not be a surprise that will bring down the Pacman.


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