* WOWOW is very consistent. Forgot about UFC 65, still was having the “Pacman Fever”, but thanks to channel surfing again, & I was able to watch the last 3 fights yest. evening on WOWOW.

* They didn’t show Brandon Vera coming in to the ring w/ the Philippine flag, but it seems to me like his mouthpiece was colored after the Philippine flag.

* Great performance by Brandon. Tagged Mir w/ a right straight which dizzied Mir, then followed it up w/ a Muay Thai clinch, then knee to the face. It was all downhill from there for Mir.

* Brandon looked huge. Am pretty sure, that if he had grown up here in the Philippines, he would’ve been a Basketball player.

* I really hope Brandon beats the living cra_ out of Silvia. Silvia has got to be the most lethargic, mediocre, unmotivated, unspectacular & lazy Heavyweight champion the UFC has ever had. I can’t believe he couldn’t finish that dwarf Monson off, & had to settle for a UD. He was a foot taller than Monson, for gad’s sake. It’s time for Silvia to go. As a champion, he isn’t helping UFC’s reputation by being so …… mediocre.

* In the fight by McFedries, we almost saw the spectacle of a boxer being outboxed by a non-boxer. McFedries was supposed to be a former pro boxer (I think), but he was getting hit by punches as much as he was dishing it out. About the only spectacular thing about his performance, were those uppercuts, which eventually won for him the fight.

* Superb peformance by George Saint Pierre. I found him a bit arrogant, but he deserved the championship. He anticipated Matt’s tendency to shoot everytime he tried to kick, so countered it w/ a high kick. But you gotta give Hughes credit, though. Even w/ GSP’s shin hitting him on the side of the head like a baseball bat, & then absorbing a couple more punches on the ground, he never got knocked out. Just knocked down.


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