MRT 3 & LRT 1 Ride (Dec. ‘06)

I was able to ride both the LRT 1 & MRT 3 again recently, & below were my observations:


* I rode at around 7:00 pm, & at that time, there weren’t any long lines in the ticket booths, nor were the trains sardine-packed.

* The trains look very good. No peeled off stickers, or damaged seats/floors/handholds, all the lights were on, etc. The airconditioning could’ve been cooler, I prefer them to be ice-cold, but good enough. The trains just seemed to be maintained at a very good level.

* The trains, though, were packed w/ corporate advertising. From the trains exterior, to the handholds, to the posters on the walls. It just seems as if you would see some form of such advertising anywhere you turn, when you are inside the trains. Some people might be turned off by it, but for me, it looks acceptable, & if it is helping the trains to be maintained at such an excellent level, then I wouldn’t mind it at all.

* There were some Globe promo girls offering the “G-Cash” card at the North Ave. station, & I really, really wanted to get one, so I can have that “high-tech” feel of using a proximity card to pay for the MRT fares. 😀
Alas, I was not able to do so, simply because of the technicality that you need to have a Globe SIM to make some sort of confirmation to get such a card. I’m using a Smart Post-Paid line, so unless Globe changes their policy, it will be remote for me to get a G-Cash card.
I think Globe is making a mistake enforcing such a policy. If they allow everyone to buy such a card, they could easily likely almost double their sales for such a card. Oh, well …

* There were 1 or 2 vendo ticket dispensers at the North Ave. Station, & some people were actually using it.

* The MRT looks realy good, from the trains, to the stations, & the ticketing system is promising, except for that Globe-SIM only issue.


* On another day, I was able to ride the LRT 1, around 7:00 pm also. Again, there were no long lines on the ticket booths, nor were the trains sardine-packed.

* The train I rode in, had some of their lights missing, so the interior was a bit dim. It just seemed that they either were not able to replace the burnt out fluorescent lights, or they were in some sort of a electric power saving mode or something.

* There were some peeled off stickers, some handholds were worn out. Nothing serious, though. But the interiors looked bland, compared to the wall-to-wall corporate-advertising on the MRT 3.

* The airconditioning was conked out, so the windows were open. Good thing it happened in Dec. Couldn’t imagine how hot it would be in the summer months w/ those airconditions conked out.

* Not much improvements in the LRT, except for those stainless-steel topped counters. Almost trivial improvement, but they are better in terms of preventing wear on those counters. Remember that thousands of coins get rubbed on those counters every single day, so in a couple of weeks or months, wood or plastic counters tend to be worn out. The SS material will prevent that from happening.

* It is obvious, that there is a sea of difference between the maintainance practices of the LRT 1 & MRT 3. They both are charging about the same rate, I wonder why the LRT 1 always looks like in relatively sorry state. I think there is something very wrong w/ the maintainance practices of the LRT 1. I hope they can address it soon, because in terms of importance, I think the LRT 1 is just as important as the MRT 3.


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