UFC 66 On RPN 9

* The biggest announcement of UFC 66, was probably that QUENTIN JACKSON & MIRCO CROCOP were going to be fighting in UFC 67. One big news in the boxing world in 2006 was the emergence of MMA as a serious challenger to boxing in terms of PPV domination. W/ Crocop & Jackson joining the UFC, 2007 could be the breakout year for MMA in terms of surpassing boxing in PPV domination.

* Really bad news for our very own, Brandon Vera, that Cro Cop is moving to the UFC’s Heavyweight division. But, oh, well, we can always hope …..

* The Manny Pacquiao of MMA, Chuck Liddell, as expected won again over Ortiz. W/ Jackson in the UFC, Liddell could perhaps have
a serious challenge at LHV.

* The biggest surprise for me, was that WOWOW did not show UFC 66 this morning. For some reason, they just didn’t air it, as they had usually done in the last couple of UFC events.

* I commend Channel 9 for having minimal commercials during the event. It was very watchable, looking forward to their airing the next UFC event, I hope.

* Despite that teary dedication to the US troops in Iraq, Ortiz really is a jer_. I don’t know if anybody else noticed it, but all fighters were supposed to disrobe before entering the Octagon. Chuck did, but Ortiz just waived off the UFC representative at the entrance of the Octagon, & went in fully clothed, & w/ that American-Mexican flag. Talk about arrogance.

* That Ultimate Fighter3 champion showed a lot of promise w/ his striking. Unfortunately for him, he will be competing in the domain of Jackson & Liddell.

* It wasn’t very nice to see Forrest Griffin breakdown like that after being beaten. Walking away from Rogan during the interview was just not something that would gain you a lot of sympathy out there.

* Great event overall. I think all of the fights ended up either w/ a submission, or TKO. A very decisive event.


One thought on “UFC 66 On RPN 9

  1. UFC 114 will have a whole lot of matches, but none at the magnitude of the bout in between Quinton Jackson and Rashad Evans. This is just one of the most anticipated match-ups, which will lastly acquire spot this 30 days.

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