The Iran Nuclear Crisis

* There has been speculation, that Iran’s nuclear row w/ Israel is simply a political divertion by the current Iranian regime, to keep its constituents distrated from more pressing domestic issues. This could well be very true, but Israel has been taking the threat VERY seriously, & if anybody else was in their place, I think they would done no less than the same thing, ESPECIALLY w/ Iran sending out a couple of wrong signals not only to Israel, but to the rest of the world about its nuclear intentions.

Wrong Signal No. 1

* The first big problem, is that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has PUBLICLY declared that Israel should be, “… Wiped off the map …” in a speech as reported by Al Jazeera in Oct. 28, 2005. When you have a country’s leader, saying your country should be wiped off the map of the Earth, & you see his government tinkering w/ nuclear capability later, I think that should constitute as a cause for major concern.

* Take note, that after uttering such statements, the moron has not PUBLICLY RETRACTED that statement even after the issue of nuclear proliferation by Iran started to become an issue. Not that it would make much of a difference, though, unless Iran corrects “Wrong Signal No. 2”.

Wrong Signal No. 2

* There IS a way for Iran to enjoy all the healthy benefits of nuclear energy, without it becoming a big nuclear proliferation issue. And that is by simply having the nuclear material processed elsewhere. Apparently, if you have the capability to process nuclear material, then you have the capability to refine it to weapons grade. Take away that capability, & you will not have the capability to make nuclear weapons.

* Both Russia & China, whom Iran sees as allies (& vice versa), has, repeatedly, in any negotiations regarding the issue, offered to process the nuclear fuel for Iran. Its a standing offer, & all Iran has to do, is agree to it. But, Iran has repeatedly also rejected such offers, on the grounds that it had, “… The right to pursue an independent national nuclear capability …”, blah-blah-blah.

* If Iran thinks that Israel will let them pursue the capability to process nuclear fuel, & TRUST them not to make weapons-grade material, then I think they have to, at the very least, review that position. “Wrong Signal No. 1” just made that issue of “trust” a lot worst.


* Overall, I think the issue can, & will be resolved (at least temporarily), if Iran agrees to have the nuclear fuel for their plant processed by Russia, & China. Without the capability to process nuclear fuel, they will be strengthening their position that their nuclear ambitions are “… For peaceful purposes only …”. It will also rob Israel the MORAL ASCENDANCY to launch a pre-emptive strike against their facilities. If Israel still does it, it will come across as a paranoid nation, which might cause harm among its neighbors.

* Iran will still, of course, need to have a more transparent nuclear program (i.e., no underground bunkers, allowing free access by UN non-nuclear proliferation Inspectors, etc.) to ensure it is still not trying to build a nuclear processing plant in secret somewhere, but allowing other countries to process their nuclear material will be an first big step in ensuring better prospects of peace in that area of the world.


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