Upcoming Barrera-Marquez Fight

It seems the MAB (Marco Antonio Barrera)-JMM (Juan Miguel Marquez) fight is now on. It will likely turn into another fight between 2 “Power Puff Punchers”: 2 boxers hitting each other w/ a lot of punches, but nobody ever gets knocked down, or knocked out.

Just like those chinese Kung Fu movies of previous years, the ones where the 2 main combatants fight for 15-20 minutes, hitting each other endlessly, & almost nobody going down, until the Director himself gets tired of orchestrating the whole fight sequence & tells one of the guys to just fall down & play dead.

Just witness the 3 EM (Eric Morales)-MAB fights, & that’s exactly what you will be getting in this fight.

Lots of action, but somehow, just lacking CLOSURE. When MP (Manny Pacquiao) fights, you can almost always bet there is a CLEAR closure: He wins over his opponents, DECISIVELY. He knocks them out most of the time to serve as an exclamation point.

True, MPs fight against Larios went the full distance, but, truly, MP was dominant all throughout that fight against Larios. ‘Alang equal-equal.’

MAB-JMM will bring in a lot of money, but whether it will the same amount of money as an MP-MAB fight still remains to be seen. Already this early, some boxing observers are predicting it to be a relatively boring fight.

I will be watching it, of course. Probably the first couple of rounds, before I get bored & move on to something else …..


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