UFC 67 On RPN 9

* Cote got boo’ed at the end of his fight even though he won, because he won by decision. People I guess just have gotten so used to seeing a UFC fight end up in a KO or submission that anything less would be somewhat of a disappointment.

* Cote fought a very cerebral fight, though. In & out, doing just enough to win or impress the judges, but not going for a KO. He needs to have more convincing wins in his next figths, though, not just decisions, if he wants to rise in the UFC ranks.

* It was funny seeing Lutter, who had problems making weight for his fight, going to the weigh in in the buff, w/ the 2 very gorgeous UFC round girls behind him. The blond lady, in particular, was busy trying to look away from Lutter. 😀

* It was a big boo-boo on the part of Lutter not making weight for that fight w/ Silva. Were it not for the fact that he won an Ultimate Fighter competition (don’t know which one), & that he gave Silva a very good fight, I’m sure his career at the UFC would’ve been more or less over.
But, w/ him nearly ground & pounding Silva in their fight, I think they’ll give him at least one more chance.

* Because of their reputations, expectations on Cro Cop & Jackson were so high, that it would not have been enough for both fighters to have won. Anything less than a KO from these fighters would’ve been a huge disappointment. Good thing both fighters delivered.

* I thought that Jackson should be ready to fight Liddell after another KO win, but it looks like he will need more time to adjust to the UFC crowd & competition to gain the confidence & skill to have a good chance of beating Liddell in the UFC. He himself admitted he had never been that tense before a fight in his life.

* Jackson seems to be a very level-headed, smart guy. He was willing to admit his weaknesses, & were in no hurry to do things. If he keeps this up, he really will go very far in the UFC.

* I was thinking that Jackson would probably be meeting Ortiz sometime down the road in the UFC, but Joe Rogan says that the 2 are very good friends, & he was guaranteeing that both will not meet in a UFC fight. That would be a bummer, because after Ortiz, there really are no other big names in the UFC now, aside from Liddell & him.

* Cro Cop reminds me of Rocky’s opponent in Rocky IV, DRAGO. He’s huge, well muscled, sporting that crewcut, white, silent/stoic, & very intimidating. Its as if the Drago character stepped out of fiction into real life in the UFC.

* It was funny how Rogan was met w/ about 10-15 seconds of silence when he asked Cro Cop to describe the closing seconds of his fight while watching the replay. 🙂 That’s how stoic Cro Cop is.

* Cro Cop & Jackson faced no patsies in their UFC debut. Sanchez, for example, had an immaculate 8-0 win-loss record in MMA, until, of course, he met Cro Cop in the Octagon.

* Eastman, on the other hand, was a truly huge athlete, a former football player, & had the advantage of having beaten Jackson before. Both Cro Cop & Jackson were really tested in their first UFC fights.

* Another great coverage by RPN 9. Hope this gets to be the case for a long time from hereon. Looking forward, to UFC 68.


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