12 Byzantine Emperors Podcast Review

I was thinking of puting this on the “Arts & Literature” section of PEx, but I felt that w/ all the discussions here about the history of Christianity & the Catholic Church, it would be much, much better appreciated here.

We get to read a lot of speculations about the spread of Christianity from “alternative” sources. Well, these series of podcasts show the origins of the spread of Christianity as viewed by most scholars (I think). Mighty interesting stuff, if you are into this kind of stuff.


If you like history, here’s something better than a book (as long as you have access to a high speed internet connection somewhere; Mine’s from the office :D): Audio Lectures, in MP3 format.

12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of the Byzantine Empire

Rather just using MP3 players for listening to music, these series of lectures stands as an alternative opportunity for learning instead. They over the length of the rule of the Byzantine empire mainly thru the stories of 12 of its most significant Emperors.

The Byzantine Empire is basically the extension of the Roman Empire, but this time, under the Christian religion, with its seat of power situated in East in Constantinople (now known as Istanbul in Turkey). Hence it is also known as the “Holy Roman Empire”.

The history of the Byzantine Empire & Christianity are hopelessly entertwined, as it is w/ the rise of the empire that Christianity rose from just another religious sect, to a world power in religion that exists up to today. These lectures are an absolute MUST if you are a history enthusiast.

For some reason, I just find things related to the Byzantine Empire to be just utterly fascinating. Probably started w/ my reading Roger Crowley’s book, “1453” about the fall of Constantinople. These audio lectures have so far been pushing aside various reading materials I have right now.

The site is still a work in progress. They are supposed to cover 12 Emperors, but they are only up to 9 Emperors thus far as of now (End of Feb. 2007). Nevertheless, there is still a wealth of learning material here regarding the 9 Emperors.


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