The Battle of Cebu

* “The Dream” Gorres showed great technical skill in his match against Montiel, but he has 2 main problems:

– Like most good technical boxers, he is a “Powerpuff” puncher, meaning the power of his punches are mainly nothing but “puff”. This means he most likely relies on decisions from the judges to win fights. And decisions can be unpredictable, as what happened in yesterday’s fight.

– He doesn’t seem to have a very solid chin. Sure, its not fragile, but its not that solid, either, as evidenced by the 2 times during the fight that his knees very visibly buckled after being hit by Montiel’s power punches.

* W/ his skill, though, Gorres will likely go places. We’re just not sure how high he will go, or for how long. Unless, of course, he develops more power on those punches.

* Boom Boom Bautista has that rare combination that makes for a truly world champion class boxer: A technical boxer, w/ power in his hands. Not sure about his chin, though, but that will be tested real soon, in his next fights. If Boom Boom keeps improving, though, you can expect him not only to be a “World Champion Class” boxer, but possibly a “World Hall of Fame Class” boxer.


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