My 2007 Pilipinas Team Expectations

* The National team for the 2007 ABC competitions has been formed. The good news, is that it truly is a PBA All-Star squad. Plans have been made regarding the training, & tune up matches for this team leading to the actual competitions, & the preparations, as well as the costs, are quite impressive. For me, its time to set my expectations for this team.

* For Chot Reyes, of course his goal for the team will be to beat China. I expect nothing less from him. As a fan, though, I feel my expectation should be more realistic.

* I don’t think we can beat China, not w/ their NBA-caliber 7-foot Forwards & Centers, & 6’6″ Guards. Not in this lifetime, anyway. Not unless our players suddenly grow by at least 3-4″ in height each, & still retain the talent they have now. Since that is not going to happen, then I don’t think we can beat China in a serious title match.

* With that in mind, am setting my expectations to be the following:

– If we lose to China by 15 pts. or more, then the message we will be sending them, will be something like, “you truly are the masters of Asia, o, so we bow down before you & kiss your feet”.
– If we lose to China by no more than 10 pts., then we are telling them, “you may be taller then us, but we are not too far off.”
– If we lose to China by only 5 pts. or less, then the message will be even clearer: “You are taller than us, but we are your almost equals.”
– If by some miracle we beat them, then the message is loud & clear: “You are taller, but we ARE your equals, & we will soon be sending one of ours to the NBA w/ this kind of a reputation.”

b) B-E-A-T E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y E-L-S-E
No more, “1-pt. loss bullshi_”. Just BEAT EVERYBODY ELSE. The South Koreans, the Lebanese, any team not representing the People’s Republic of China.

* If both expectations are met, then I would be very happy, & feel that the 2007 Pilipinas team is a huge success.

* If only one expectation is met, then I would consider expectation “b” to have the heavier weight. Meaning, if we lose by more than 15 pts. to China, but still beat everybody else, then I would still consider the team a success. Not a huge one, but a success nevertheless.

* If we lose by less than 10 pts., but still lose a match against any of the other teams, then I would not consider this team a success. Not w/ all the preparation & costs put into it.

* Am hoping to be able to get back to this thread after the 2007 ABC, w/ a happy ending to the 2007 installment of my “Remembering” series. 😀


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