UFC 68 on RPN 9 (Part 1)

‘RPN 9 Coverage’

I didn’t see any commercials on TV indicating that UFC 68 will be show on RPN 9 (probably also because I didn’t get too much TV last week), so I wasn’t sure if it really was going to push thru. The telecast also was delayed a couple of minutes past 11:00 am, so I was quite relieved when the event finally started.

Manong Bert was right, though. It seem only “Pony” was sponsoring the event as their “Spudd Webb” commercial got shown every commercial break, & pretty much nobody else, aside from that soap brand which managed to get in some slots. I wonder what’s wrong w/ these local companies? The UFC is flirting of overtaking the WWE & Boxing in terms of PPV in the US, but here, it’s getting trouble getting sponsors.

At any rate, the UFC definitely worth watching more than those infomercials RPN 9 shows in case no big TV events are scheduled on the same timeslot. Let’s hope that RPN 9 attracts more sponsors soon, so we can continue watching these UFC events live, for free.

‘Preliminary Non-former Champion Fights’

The Sobral-Lambert fight was pretty exciting, w/ the battle swinging back & forth, until Sobral ran into that looping left from which dropped him straight to the canvass. You can see very clearly from the slow motion replay the force of impact on Sobral’s face when he got hit, you could almost feel it.

Kampmann’s Triangle Choke on Mcfedries as quite unique, definitely a great addition to the UFC’s highlight films.

‘Franklin vs. Mcdonald’

In the Franklin-Mcdonald fight, I was actually rooting for Mcdonald since he was the underdog. Plus the fact that he was on his way to a Cinderella-like comback after winning his last 2 fights when everybody thought he would lose them.

But seeing that serious look on Franklin’s face as he was going into the Octagon signaled that there was likely going to be no upset for Mcdonald this time around. I wonder why Rich ended up w/ that nasty bruise under his right eye, though? Probably got it from one of his practice fights.

Anyway, great win for Franklin, almost beating Mcdonald to a pulp were it not for the bell signalling the end of the 2nd round.

After the bout, when Rich mentioned Silva’s name, & Silva stood up & started heading for the Octagon, I thought he was going to thrash talk Rich. Silva, if you remember, was quite “animated” in his last win, declaring to the world that he was ready to defend his title to anybody who was going to try to get it from him. But all’s well that ends well when 2 guys started declaring their mutual respect & admiration for each other.


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