UFC 68 on RPN 9 (Part 2)

‘Hughes vs. Lytle’

Matt’s comeback fight was sort of a letdown, primarily because he never really got to finish off his opponent. True, Matt easily took him down to the canvass a lot of times, but that was about it. His opponent was wily, or talented enough to keep himself from being ground & pounded, or submitted.

There was no closure in that fight, no heavy beatings from Hughes, just a lot of takedowns from his part.

‘Couture vs. Silvia’

Good thing I didn’t get to write anything about the fight before it began, or I would’ve ended up w/ a lot of egg on my face.

Nobody really thought Couture would win over Silvia. First of all, Couture just came off 2 straight devastating losses to Lidell, & now here he is fighting a much bigger guy.

Second, Randy’s bread & butter was mainly slamming his opponents to the ground, & ground & pounding him. How the heck is he going to ground & pound a guy who is 6″ taller than he was, & at least 40 lbs. heavier?

The online poll before the fight showed that over 70% thought Randy would win, but I think it was more of the fans WANTING Randy to win, rather then them thinking he really could. I guess a lot of people just hate that lazy-as_ed Silvia.

But, as we have seen, Randy won the fight. Though nobody was knocked out or submitted, Randy slammed Silvia down a couple of times, knocked him down once, & landed enough punches to give Silvia that huge, ugly & nasty lump over his left eye. It was, a convincing win.

How’d he do it, overcoming the expectations of almost everybody?

‘Improved Boxing Skills’

Well, first, Couture vastly improved his boxing skills. He always had great boxing fundamentals, he fought as an amateur boxer during his army days. That boxing background was part of his success in the UFC. In the past, though, he used it mainly as a complementary weapon to his takedowns & ground & pound, never the primary weapon.

In Sunday’s fight, he used it as a main weapon, adding great combinations, feints, & great defense, like keeping his head always moving so Silvia couldn’t even zero in a jab on him even if he tried.

‘Knock Down Punch’

Second, was the punch that knocked Silvia down at the very start of the match. That punch was so strong, that if you watch the event again, you could see that 2-3 minutes after that punch, Silvia’s eyes were still very glazed over.

That knockdown intimidated Silvia into fighting a defensive fight from thereon. Silvia never really had a lot of heart in the first place, & when Randy showed him he could knock him down, Silvia’s confidence evaporated faster than alcohol in a person’s hands.

‘Take Downs’

Third, despite everybody’s expectations, Randy showed that he CAN, & DID slam somebody much bigger than him to the ground. It was almost comical watching the diminuitive Couture slamming down & getting the upper hand in those body slams against the huge Silvia. Its like watching a kid slamming an adult.

Its great to see a nice guy like Randy on top of the heap again, & that lazy, fat-as_ed Silvia finally beaten out of his Heavy Weight Title. Couture is now the UFC’s first, 5-time champion. A great addition to his legend as a future UFC Hall of Famer.

A Couture-Cro Cop fight, though, would be very intriguing, & its likely to be coming up next …..


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