Botika Ng Bayan / Baranggay Outlets

(PDI Article) Botika Ng Bayan Sells Cheaper Drugs

* Its good to hear, that on some areas, the “Botika Ng Bayan” has been working well. Here in Bacoor, though, that has not been the case. The “Botika Ng Bayan” right beside the Bacoor Police Station seems to be sparsely stocked, & I frankly haven’t seen it open. Maybe it hasn’t opened yet. 😀

* But the bottomline, is that the people here have not had the same kind access to that drugstore as other places have been, & I hope to see that change soon, especially in the light of the benefits they are promising to offer. This is also one good way to make the economic gains of the country be felt by less privilleged sectors of our society.

* And the benefits of this “Botika Ng Bayan” is quite substantial, promising a 40-50% savings for each drug, making them more accessible to the poor. They have an aggressive expansion plan, targetting a total of 2,000 “Botika Ng Bayan” & 11,000 “Botika Ng Baranggay” outlets (from the current 1,300 & 7,000, respectively) for 2007, so expect to see one soon in your neighborhood.

* I hope the concept won’t fall prey to corruption & mismanagement, & will meet it goals of delivering cheap, quality medicine to the people. I think one formula that will help achieve this would be to follow the setup discussed in the article: Use organizations like “Coops For Christ” as BNB outlets. The word “Christ” in any organization hopefully will most of the time translate to less or no corruption, & at least some level of competence for these organizations.


2 thoughts on “Botika Ng Bayan / Baranggay Outlets

  1. HELLO!
    Maybe there must be some kind of lapses on the part of the operator of said Botika Ng Bayan,As for us here in Zamboanga City,BnB outlets are sprawling and actively in operations.therefore,the goals of making cheap and effective meds available to poor is indeed realizedAnyway,we cross our fingers in tune that said outlet will soo be sdensitive to the very reason why they have to exist.Otherwise,it must be given to other ooperators.Best regards.


  2. That’s great to hear, Dante. It’s good that in other places, the concept is doing well. I hope we will eventually get good results not just in some places, but in MOST places as well.

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