Clinton vs. Obama – First Impressions

I find the coming US Presidential race very interesting, primarily because there is a very good chance that the winner will likely be either the US first Black President in Barrack Obama, or first woman President in Hilary Clinton.

I haven’t been following the campaign trail of these 2 Democratic candidates very closely, just a glimpse here & there on the Cable News channels. However, this early, I have formed an initial impression about these 2 people:

‘Left or Center?’

Am basing this on the 2 candidates’ initial stance on Iraq, and it seems that Barrack is farther to the Democratic “left” w/ his politics compared Hillary. Barrack stated clearly his stance on the issue: He wants the troops out of there immediately.

Hilary, on the other hand, seems a bit more cautious about the subject of the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and for me that indicates a nearer to the political “center” disposition.

Because of this, Barrack would likely have better appeal to Democrat voters out there, but maybe not so much to the Republican voters. Vice versa, Hilary maybe more “palatable” to Republican voters than Barrack, but be less so to Democrat voters.


Barrack looks like the younger of the two, he looks more energetic, more confident or sure of himself & his policies. He has a strong charisma, projecting an image that he seems to know exactly what his saying.

Hilary, on the other hand, seems more composed, & not prone to be excitable. The problem w/ this type of a disposition, is that when directly compared to Obama, she looks dull, or slow or unexciting. I think this is her biggest problem thus far when facing off w/ Obama.

She doesn’t seem to have her husband’s charisma (and hopefully, not his libido, too), which is probably why Bill is starting to be visible in her campaign. The hope on Hillary’s camp is that it will help neutralize somewhat Obama’s advantage in terms of presence.

‘Final Impressions’

Overall, I feel that Obama may have a slight lead on Hilary right now in the minds of the voters. I don’t like his politics leaning too far to the left, but his ability to speak & show confidence seems to remind me of the days of charismatic leaders like John F. Kennedy.

Hillary or Republican followers might scoff at that comparison, but, hey, based on my limited knowledge of US Presidents, that’s what comes across.

Of course, the US Presidential race is still a long way to go, a lot could happen between that time & now. But Hillary may be the one who is trying to do the catch up now in this race.


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