Philippine Job Growth Figures (Mar. ‘07)

No Free Lunch : Where Are The Jobs Coming From?

Here’s an opinion column I came across recently about the no. of jobs the economy was able to generate last year.

The important statistics I found on this column, was that in 2006, the economy was estimated to have generated no less than 1.5 million jobs, which is about twice the 750,000 jobs generated in 2005.

Despite this, though, the no. of unemployed people not only did not go down, but actually rose by an additional 13,000 people compared to 2005, from 2.837 million in 2005, to 2.85 million in 2006.

The author, who seems to be not a fan for population control, attributes the problem not necessarily because of the issue of overpopulation, but because, “…there was a significant rise in the labor force participation rate from 63.6 to 64.8 percent …”

Yeah, right.

As if the yearly increase in our population of almost 2 million people per year has absolutely NO relation whatsoever to the rise in figures of the unemployed, despite the huge increase in job generation (shakes head).

‘Low Population Growth, Less Jobs Required’

To me, “Cielito” misses the point about the numbers. 1.5 million jobs, is a huge number. How do I know this? Simply because, 1.5 million is already almost HALF the ENTIRE population of Singapore.

You take a look at countries w/ much lower population than ours, & you will find that they do NOT need to generate that much jobs for their populace. Take Singapore, for example. A country of only 4 million people. How many jobs do you think it needs to generate yearly for its citizens? Much less, than the 1.5 million we generated last year.

Take another country, like South Korea. They only have a population of 49 million, almost half to that of our own. How many people do you think needs to be employed every single year there, when their population growth rate is only at 0.42% per year?

People talk about overcrowding in Taiwan. For all their overcrowding, they only have a population base of 23 million, growing at about 0.61% per year.

Compare the population growth rates of those 2 countries, to our 1.8% per year.

We CANNOT continue to bury our heads in the sand about the issue of population control, like what “Cielito” did in his article, just because the Catholic Church says so. We are talking, about the lives of PEOPLE here.

(Statistic Sources: The CIA Factbook)


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