Head to Head: Vic Pablo vs. Noli Locsin

I remember watching these 2 players first come into prominence when they started playing for the National Youth teams. They were the main men then in those teams, but subsequently had somewhat disappointing PBA careers.

They both play the same position, mainly Power Forward. Noli is listed as 6’3″, but I think he was closer to around 6’1″. Pablo was listed at 6’4″, and he does seem to be around that height. They have similar builds, both were wide-bodies.

‘Vic Pablo’

The thing I remember most about Vic Pablo, was that he gets his points mostly from the outside. He was a great shooter, & was very consistent w/ his set shot.

However, for some reason, Vic really wasn’t that good at creating his own shots. I suspect it was the lack of lateral quickness on his part, coupled w/ limited coordination that kept him from having good & consistent one on one moves.

He had a relatively long PBA career, but it was a career that really wasn’t that distinguished.

‘Noli Locsin’

Noli, on the other hand, was a burly guy w/ great leaping ability. I remember being excited watching him play, because you rarely see a local with his bulk who could leap as well as he did. He was also quick for his size.

The problem w/ Noli, though, was that, like Mr. Excitement, his jumping jack days in the PBA didn’t last very long. I believe he got injured early on in his career, and he got sidelined for quite some time. When he came back, his numbers were not as good anymore.

The data will show this (that walking basketball database, Anthony Servinio, I hope you can help w/ this), if available. His stats, as well as his style of play, were vastly different before & after that injury.

Noli’s career just sort of slowly spiraled down after an initially promising PBA career. Eventually, I think Pablo outlasted him on the league.

Verdict: Noli Locsin in his early days in the PBA was an exciting player. Pablo was consistent & steady, & had more longevity, but not very exciting to watch.


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