Purely Personal : Filipino Girl’s Cure Supports Cause For Sainthood (Phil. Daily Inq. Article)

Carl Sagan once said something like, “….. Extraordinary events, require extraordinary evidence …..”

This recent article got me into thinking, just in time for the Holy Week. Surely, it is a clear sign from God. A well-off family (you have to be well off to be able to fly off to Italy on a whim, & send your child to Assumption) sires a child which the world of Medicine clearly documents & says have no hope of living a normal life.

The family prays fervently to a Saint, even places the child on the top of her tomb, and against all odds, she is miraculously healed, & is now living a normal life.

Truly a sign of the divine, proof of the existence of a Christian God.

Or is it?

The problem is, if you look at the big picture, you come up w/ some questions about the nature of the miracle.

Thousands of children are born everyday single w/ various congenital disabilities. What about these children? If their parents pray hard enough, will their children also become cured of their disabilities?

What about those parents who are poor, & could not afford to fly off to Italy to place their children atop a Saint’s tomb, does that mean their children will not be cured also?

What about those parents who pray hard for their children, & end up still w/ no cure? Is it because of the parents did not pray hard enough, or were not pious enough?

Or, could this be just effectively dismissed by that age-old adage, “….. God works in mysterious ways …..”


The thing is, for every miracle out there, the world is replete w/ examples that tend to directly contradict the existence of these so-called miracles. In Iraq, not a week passes by, when people are killed in the name of God.

Hundreds of thousands of Tutsis were butchered w/ Machetes a couple of years ago, dying horrific deaths, or suffering horrific wounds by Machete. Where were the miracles when these things happened?

“They are not Christians, hence their suffering”.

Is it their fault, that another religion took root in their region stretching hundreds of years, & dozens of generations? No, its not as simple as that.

And I don’t buy that “Free Will” reasoning. It’s become a cliche: God loved man, he gave him free will ….. blah-blah-blah ….

I think its bullshi_. It goes against Logic & Common Sense. Its stupi_ to think that God will allow one man’s free will to intrude on another man’s free will so he can butcher him. It is not RIGHT.

‘The Truth Is Out There’

No, the answer eludes us as it is right now. The truth really is out there, somewhere, and seems to be a lot more complicated than we thought. It is unknowable, at the moment. At least, until we depart for that “Undiscovered Country”.

The problem w/ Atheism, & Agnosticism, is that it tends to focus on the NEGATIVE. You tend to focus on what’s WRONG w/ the world, & that creates a lot (a LOT) of negativity.

If one is not careful, all that negativity will tend to overwhelm an individual.

Religion, on the other hand, focuses on the POSITIVE. Religion, is perhaps the founder of the power of positive thinking. And that is perhaps its main reason for its existence, & dominance around the world: Unlike Atheism, it promotes the positive. And it gives people a sense of security, and more importantly, PEACE OF MIND.

Peace of mind from questioning things, from focusing on the world’s negativities.

Viewing the world thru “Rose-colored Glasses”? Perhaps. But that is ESSENTIAL for not only a person’s survival, but well-being also.

I have since learned to continue to question Faith as it is on my own, without focusing too much on negativity. Whatever form God takes out there, whatever he does, life goes on. And it is a life that has to be lived for its worth, & not focus on the negativities around you. Or trying to find the unknowable, at the moment.


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