Grassroots Weight Training Program

I have this theory, that one way to perhaps help develop our next generation of basketball players to become taller, bigger & faster, would be to implement a grassroots weight training program.

Am basing this on a couple of assumptions:

‘Genetic Optimization’

First assumption, is that weight training at an early age (say, starting from 3rd year High School) will help our athletes OPTIMIZE their available genetic resources. Meaning, if their genetic resources allow them to reach 6’7″, then they will reach that height, instead of only 6’5″ or less.

‘1st World Resources’

Second assumption, is that 1st world countries like the United States have enough resources at “grassroots” level that enables their athletes to reach their maximum genetic potential. That is probably one reason, why Fil-Ams tend to have better athleticism than local Pinoys in general (another assumption).

‘Grassroots Weight Training Program’

Third assumption, is that in our country right now, majority of the schools in the provinces do not have access to weight training equipment & training. Am almost pretty sure that the best schools in the NCR right now, like La Salle, Ateneo, etc. have access to such (they should, w/ the exorbitant fees they are collecting). But schools in the provinces do not have such.

Schools like, the University of Visayas, for example, which seems to have a good basketball training program. It’s likely that they do not have the proper weight training equipment & trainors to enable their basketball players to develop their bodies at an early age.

And the provinces are notorious as sources for tall players. Currently, for example, guys like Eman & Quinahan seem to be from the south. One wonders, if these guys would’ve been taller, bigger & better if they had somehow had the chance to develop their strength beginning at late HS level.


Anyway, forget about the government, they have less important priorities to deal w/ like “hunger”, or “poverty”, right now. I think the private sector will be able to best fund a grassroots weight training program. One way of going about it, would be to identify the top 2 schools per province w/ the best basketball programs, then give them the necessary equipment. This could be done on a period of a couple of years.

Equipment alone will not help much if trainers are not around to supervise the training. I think a short seminar for weight training, given for free over the course of a couple of days to Coaches, Trainers, Asst. Coaches, etc. will address that problem. It will also spread new, modern knowledge to such personnel at grassroots level.

The program will require a lot of funding, hopefully from the private sector, to be successful. But, since the country has had a long, deep relationship w/ basketball, it seems to be a worthwhile effort.

The program could also be stretched to cover not only basketball players, but athletes from other sports as well. Though it will require a lot of smart scheduling to get all those athletes to share a limited no. of equipment. But this way, it will not only benefit basketball, but other sports as well.


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