Blaze Of Glory On GMA-7

* I think Brian now needs to think about retiring from boxing, & pursuing other interests outside of the ring. This is his 3rd consecutive loss by decision. He has not been knocked out lately, I’ll give him credit for that. But it just seems he doesn’t have the skill, heart or mental toughness to be a really top level fighter. I hate to say this, but his subsequent fights have proved that his previous victory just seems to be a fluke, he just got lucky that time.

* The national anthems at the start of the Solis-Pacquiao fight was interesting, due to a couple of reasons:

– Geneva Cruz seems to have choked on that last note of our national anthem. Its that damn last note that seems to be giving our better singers a lot of problems. Remember that Revilla relative, who also did the same thing a year or so ago? They should’ve followed Sarah Geronimo’s example the last fight, where instead of going up on the last note, she took it down, thus saving her from any kind of embarassment.

– The Mexican singer was just downright ugly.

– That latina who sang the American national anthem was HOT. Too bad she had to murder the “Rocket’s Red Glare”, in front of an international audience. She will have to pursue a career outside of singing, & start using her other assets after that dreadful performance.

* Right on the very first round, it was obvious that it was not going to end in Pacquiao’s favor in the early rounds as everybody initially thought. Recah Trinidad was even accusing Arum of putting a patsy in front of Manny before this fight. But Solis’ long reach was giving Manny a lot of problems. His jab was connecting, & Manny had to sort of lunge off balanced to reach Solis, diminishing the power of his punches.

* Solis certainly performed much, much better than everybody expected. He fared much better than Larios, a world champion, against Manny, even convincingly winning some rounds. That long reach, & decent boxing skills will likely take him far in boxing. He may have lost, but Solis’ stock will surely rise after this performance.

* Manny looked a bit pensive coming into the ring. Whatever he says, all the distractions, the elections, the contract problems, Freddie Roach on De La Hoya’s camp, etc., really did seem to affected him a bit in this fight. He can’t afford to have such distractions again if ever he gets to meet JMM or MAB soon.


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