Just Another US Campus Shooting Massacre

The Virginia Tech shooting early this week. Just another shooting massacre, in another US Campus.

So, what else is new? This is not the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd time this has happened. This is the nth time this has happened, and, of course, if you ask the NRA, Gun Control has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it.

I love guns, I have one myself. But w/ all these massacres going on, I really think that gun laws in the US should be tightened somewhat.

I am not anti-gun per se, I agree ordinary citizens should be allowed to own guns, but it has to be properly regulated.

American gun laws are so lax, it seems that anybody BREATHING would be able to buy & own a gun.

Below is a short comparison between gun laws here in the Philippines to that of in the US:

‘Gun Qualifications’

Philippine gun laws require that only PROFESSIONALS, BUSINESSMEN or PRIVATE EMPLOYEES can own a gun. Documents like professional license IDs, or Income Tax Returns are basic requirements for people applying for gun ownership.

In the US, I don’t think they have anything near similar requirements. US gun laws vary per state, but it what’s common for most, is I think you need to be over 18, then a 5 day waiting period, or something.

‘No. of Guns Owned’

Another difference, is the no. of guns allowed to be owned for individuals. Not sure if there are limitations in the US, but when you go to gun forums, most gun owners there easily have at least a couple of guns in their possession.

Filipinos are allowed to own one handgun, & one rifle. You can own more guns, but you need to apply it thru a Gun Club. And only one per Gun Club. It becomes prohibitive owning guns thru this, since these clubs charge around P2.5k per year of membership.

‘Drug & Psychiatric Tests’

Filipinos are required to undergo & PASS Drug & Psychiatric tests before one is allowed to own a gun.

In the US, apparently it seems that Drug Addicts & Insane people are deemed to also have the right to gun ownership.

‘Permit To Carry’

Filipinos are only allowed to own & use guns within or around their homes. If you need to carry it outside, far from your premises, you need a permit. If you need to bring it to the shooting range, you need a permit.

It doesn’t matter if you have a gun license, the question is, when you are caught w/ a gun far from your home, do you have a “Permit To Carry”, or “Permit To Transport”? If none, expect to be arrested & prosecuted for violating such laws, even if you have gun license.

You have to apply for these permits separately, w/ additional costs involved, & another level of screening.

In the US, some states do have a “Concealed Carry” requirement, but some, like Virginia, don’t.

‘US Implementation’

Here in the country, even though our gun controls are strict, admittedly, there are ways to circumvent these laws, mainly thru bribery. But the US being a 1st world country, it should be less of a problem if similar laws are implemented there.

I feel that some of the laws we have here now for gun ownership would be worthwhile for the US to think about adopting, to help minimize, if not eradicate these so-called shooting massacres.

The requirement to be a Professional, Businessman or Private Employee would mean only mostly responsible people will have access to guns, for example.

Drug & Psychiatric tests means only the drug-free & sane will have access to a weapon that kills people effectively & efficiently (duh, as if this still needs to be thought about).

Anyway, unless something is done about improving gun control laws in the US, then Americans should get used to campus massacres like these every couple of years. When will the next shooting massacre be, & how many more people are going to die? Anybody care to place a bet?


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