UFC 70 On RPN 9

‘Other Fights’

* The results of most of the fights of this UFC event were not really that exciting, lots of decision wins, no submission wins & few Knock Outs.

* There’s been a lot of hype regarding Machida, mainly because of his unbeated record, & that he once beat Rich Franklin. But he’s I think he’s really only very good at one thing, & that is keeping himself from being hit. That’s why he uses Hit & Run tactics. The problem w/ that style, is that, first, he’s not going to be knocking out a lot of his opponents. Second, he will almost always have to rely on the judges for his wins. In short, win or lose, he’s a boring fighter.

* Bisping is very promising because he also has an unbeaten record, & unlike Machida, he’s been knocking his opponents out lately. But, after seeing him nearly get knocked out himself courtesy of Elvis Sinosic’s lucky knee strike, I think he’ll have problems against the top fighters of the UFC’s Light Heavy Weight division, like Chuck Liddell. He better enjoy his wins now, since he’ll likely hit a wall in the form of Lidell soon.

* Unless CheicK Kongo improves his takedown defense, he’ll likely not go very far in the UFC, despite his spectacular stand up skills. He may want to take his talents to K1 instead, it’s more suited there.

* Another decision win for Arlovski. It seems that after tasting defeat, Andre has become more tentative, more careful. He’s not taking the chances that he used to take before. In short, I think Arlovski has lost his heart, after tasting vulnerability. I doubt it if he can come back to the way he used to be before.

* On a side note, I don’t know if this is the last time we’ll be seeing Mike Goldberg & Joe Rogan as commentators in the UFC. I read some news that HBO finally inked at deal w/ the UFC, & part of the deal, was for them to use their own set of commentators in the next UFC events. Sad to see Mike Goldberg go, as he had been a standard fixture in almost all of the UFC’s 70 events for years now.

‘Mirko Crocop vs. Gabriel Gonzaga’

* OH ….. MY ….. GOD!!! I watched this fight, hoping that Cro Cop won’t kill Gonzaga in the Octagon, but the next thing I knew, I’m looking at Mirko sprawled on the Octagon, KNOCKED OUT OF HIS SENSES, w/ his eyes wide open, staring blankly into space, & me thinking, “Is he dead? Did Gonzaga break his neck w/ that kick?”

* He was out for a couple of minutes, & the replay showed he may have injured his right knee & ankle as these were grotesquely twisted as he fell down. The strength of the impact of that kick, together w/ Cro Cop out w/ his eyes open really seemed like he his neck was broken, & that we were looking at the 1st televised ring death in the UFC. Good to see him stand up & walk out of that ring under his own power. I thought they would’ve at least needed a stretcher to carry him out.

* I think what happened, as shown in the slow mo, was that Cro Cop just didn’t anticipate Gonzaga could kick that high. I think nobody did. Gonzaga had a reputation as a Submission Expert, so his stand up game was suspect, let alone his ability to kick somebody in the head. But he did, & scored of the major upsets in the history of the UFC, or MMA overall, for that matter.

* For years, Pride fans & most sportswriters keep harking about how much better Pride fighters are over UFC fighters. But Cro Cop’s spectacular defeat, in the hands of a UFC fighter who’s not even among that organization’s elite (at least before his win over Cro Cop), seriously questions that observation. Are Pride fighters overhyped, courtesy of the Yakuza’s (a scandal involving the Yakuza ultimately caused Pride’s downfall) propaganda & match fixing? “Big Nog” Noguiera, & Quentin Jackson will now have to prove that otherwise, in their next fights.


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