Spiderman 3 (Movie Review)

Just saw “Spiderman 3”, & my notes about the movie:

* Good thing they finally gave Stan Lee (the creator of “Spiderman”) a speaking line in his cameo in this movie, & he even got to say his favorite line, “‘Nuff said!”. Watch out for it.

* Stan must’ve been very proud, & lucky to have lived to see his creation end up so successful in the movies. It’s a great tribute to have him go on cameo on these movies. Watch out also for Stan Lee’s next cameo: Fantastic Four 2, coming very soon.

* The thing I liked most about this movie, is how true it is to the comic book. The Sandman’s physical appearance & clothes, to Venom’s face, & how it pulls back to reveal Peter Parker or Eddie Brock’s face. Its really like they tore a page out of the comicbooks, & put it in 3D.

* I’ve always thought that the Sandman would make a terrific CGI villain, & the movie did not disappoint. One problem I see now, is that it is going to be hard to top having the Sandman & Venom for the next movie. I just don’t any other Spidey villain out there who can be visually better than these 2.

* The movie has terrific balance between action & story. Lots of action, but lots of room also for character development. Sam Raimi has a talent for balancing these 2, so you end up a very entertaining movie.

* I found some of the fight scenes to be a bit disorienting, & also blurry at times. I felt they should’ve done a better job of making those scenes clearer, & easier to watch & understand. I also didn’t like the Hob Goblin’s costume, its a bit too far out from the comic book. It just didn’t look that good.

* A great storyline, lots of action in between, & lots of humuor, too, interspersed in between. I felt it was a bit dragging a times, but overall, a great movie to watch. Can’t miss, catch it at a movie theater near you.


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