The World Awaits On ABS-CBN 2

‘Mayweather vs. Dela Hoya’

* “The World Awaits …..”, & saw a boring fight, where the supposed no. 1 P4P fighter in the world end up doing a lot of defense, & not much offence. Pretty Girl …, er, I mean, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather (PBFM) fought, to paraphrase Ron Jacobs, “…..not to lose”, instead of “fighting to win”. De La Hoya was clearly the aggressor all throughout the fight, while PBFM didn’t do anything much except backpedal, block & slip punches. And that’s supposed to what’s called as, “boxing science”.

* Mayweather will be retiring from boxing w/ a mixed legacy, just like Hopkins. He is touted as the best P4P boxer of his era, but his inability to win the big fights CONVINCINGLY (meaning, other than by decisions) will tarnish the way people remember him in boxing. He will likely hide behind the phrase “boxing science” as his excuse for his lackluster, “safe” performances, but people who have seen his fights will likely disagree. Time for the Pacman to takeover. 😀

‘Bautista vs. Medina’

* As expected, Bautista’s chin was tested in this fight, by Medina in round 7. The verdict? He passed ….. but only barely so. He was barely able to recover after nearly being knocked out in the 7th because of his youth, & conditioning. As he grows older, his recuperative powers will likely go down as well.

* Bautista does have a bit of power in his hands, but am not sure if it’s strong enough to constantly dispatch the elite fighters. The patsies, he can always finish off w/ impunity, but against the top ranked fighters & champions, not so much. What he does have, is excellent technical skills, coupled w/ decent punching power. That looping right he hit Medina with in the jaw in the 11th round is a sign of that skill. It was a beautiful shot, great timing, & bull’s eye right on the mark on Medina’s chin. A lesser fighter would not have likely recovered from that punch. I’ll give Boom-Boom at least a 50-50 chance in his next fight against the reigning champion, De Leon.

* I think Bautista will be a world champion, but I don’t think he will be as dominating as Pacquiao. Bautista as the next Manny Pacquiao? Nope, I think he’s a notch slightly below that of Pacquiao.


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