Breaking Down Cheesy Escudero

I’ve always wondered why people like “Cheesy” Escudero. Just because he’s w/ the Opposition, young, charismatic, can speak well & therefore APPEAR to be competent?

I heard some of his supposed “platforms” for government over the radio, & I think they’re mostly bullshi_. Consider these:

* “Yes, sa sapat na kita.”

What the fu_k does he mean by this? Our minimum wages are already one of the highest in Asia, & yet he would insist on increasing this, making us even less competitive in the world in terms of wages?

* “Yes, sa trabaho rito sa bansa, at hindi lang sa ibang bansa.”

As if the country had a choice in terms generating jobs locally. How the hell does he intend to increase the no. of jobs in the country to bring down unemployment, when he insists on raising wages, driving off more investors from the country?

* “No, sa mataas na buwis”

Uh-huh. So he thinks that not only should we be not increasing or making more taxes, but lowering or removing some of them, even. In that case, how in gad’s name does he intend to pay for Education, Health & Infrastructure spending? Where will he get the money?


I think Cheezy is a “trapo”, mouthing off slogans to attract voters just because they sound good, without really understanding what they mean. ‘Basta makapagsabi lang ng bagay na masarap pakinggan.’

He has no CLEAR understanding of what the problems of this country is, & how to run it. He seems to have little aptitude for governance, judging by his moronic & simplistic views about the country’s problems.

What would be nice, is to keep these slogans in mind, & see how he will implement them, if ever he gets to be elected or appointed to an EXECUTIVE position, meaning a position where he needs to deliver RESULTS. Let’s see if this punk can deliver, or likely fall flat on his face, since he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


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