May 14, 2007 Elections in Bacoor

* We decided to vote early to avoid the heat & the crowds. When we arrived at the precinct, it seems everybody had the same idea, as the school compound was packed w/ people. Not necessarily overflowing, but just enough to fill most of the compound.

* I was looking for a sample ballot they were handing out at the school entrance containing the TU ticket, but a majority of the ballots they were handing out contained mostly the Opposition lineup. That sort of tells you that the Opposition had better influence at least in the area where I voted.

* I was lucky enough to have found my name on the voter’s list on the first try, simply by looking first at the precinct where my brother voted.

* I wasn’t able to get my Voter’s ID, I only had a slip of paper as proof that I applied for one & was worried I might be turned away. But that didn’t happen, because it turns out the COMELEC instituted an new way to identify voters, & that is by putting their PICTURES on the Master Voter’s List.

* This new system will very likely minimize even more the incidences of “Flying Voters”, since the teachers will have an additional way to identify the voters. Not all entries had pictures, though, but on my page, 7 out of 10 voters had pictures, a clear majority.

* I wanted to vote straight for the Administration, but just didn’t have the stomach to vote for the likes of Richard Gomez. In the end, I voted for the following:

1) Joker Arroyo
2) Mike Defensor
3) Migz Zubiri
4) Prospero Pichay (Itanim sa Senado)
5) Jamalul Kiram
6) Tito Sotto (O, Christian God please forgive me)
7) Tessie Oreta (I liked the way she apologized to everybody in general)
8) Chavit Singson (I see it as a compromise)
9) Ed Angara
10) Ralph Recto
11) Kiko Pangilinan (‘pandagdag’)
12) Manny Villar (There was nobody else around)

* Voting in my district was ORDERLY & PEACEFUL, & the voter turn out was OUTSTANDING. From the time we arrived at the precinct, to the time we left took no more than 30 minutes.

* In the Davao where my relatives voted, voter turnout was reportedly a lot less than it was where I voted, as in a LOT. It took them no more than 10 minutes to complete everything.


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