Who's Afraid Of Cha-Cha?

Why is it, that people are so afraid of Cha-Cha (Charter Change)?

Is it because:

1) GMA might extend her term indefinitely?

Then specify some kind of law somewhere specifying that GMA will not run for Prime Minister, and could NOT be elected to such a position within 6 years upon adoption of a Parliamentary form of government. ‘Tapos.’

2) Joe De Venecia (JDV) will become Prime Minister?

Then let him become Prime Minister.

JDV, will soon find out, that being head of a country is more than just the glamour & fame, & being in the history books. More than anything, it is RUNNING A COUNTRY, w/ which you have ACCOUNTABILITY to produce RESULTS.

If he doesn’t produce, then kick him out, & get a new one.

‘Changing Leaders’

The best thing I see w/ a Parliamentary form of goverment, is that it allows a relatively easier change of leadership for the country. With a Presidential form of government, you have 2 options: Impeachment, or Coup D’Etat.

Impeachment takes a lot of time, effort & money. You need to have a vote to have an impeachment trial, then there’s the trial itself. Lots of preparation, it puts a country in long period of uncertainty.

That, or military intervention. In effect, a Presidential form of government might actually even promote military adventurism, since it is the more time-efficient alternative to impeachment.

With a Parliamentary form of government, a mechanism is in place to remove a leader from power thru a vote of no confidence. So all the people have to do, is put pressure on Parliament to do such a thing if they don’t want the Prime Minister anymore.


I mean, what’s the alternative: Having Noli De Castro or Mar Roxas win in 2010, & then 2 years into their Presidency, we realize they can’t hack it, so what do we do, then? Wait for another 4 years? Wait for the military to act? Go thru another long, & painful process of impeachment? Not good for the country.

With a Parliamentary form of government, there is a better chance of removing the PM, whoever it may be, whether it will be JDV, or somebody else.


4 thoughts on “Who's Afraid Of Cha-Cha?

  1. I’ve seen it. I wrote it for gad’s sake. Tell me what’s wrong about it, then. Or else I’ll assume you couldn’t even express enough arguments against it. LOL.

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