Investing In Social Services: Health

Thanks to E-VAT, the country has now sufficient money on hand to make investments in various fields to without having to resort to borrowing.

The government has been investing a lot on the country’s INFRASTRUCTURE. However, w/ only 3 years left to rule, I think it is time for the government to start switching some of its investments to SOCIAL SERVICES, so people will be able to feel some of the effects of E-VAT more DIRECTLY.

The next question, is how specifically should the money be invested, & where?

The way I see it, a good way to invest money in Social Services, would be to look at EXISTING SUCCESSFUL Government Social programs, & simply EXPAND it.


Overall, the state of Health services is generally pathetic. I saw some local documentaries aobut a year ago of the some of the government run hospitals in the provinces, & it was truly a sob story:
– Oxygen not readily available, so patients had to make do w/ hand pumps on sick patients, including BABIES;
– Patients lined up in beds along the hospital halls, since there aren’t just enough rooms;

There are success stories w/ government hospitals & healthcare, like Makati, for example. But this is an EXCEPTION, rather than the rule.

One shining example I can think of right now, is the PHILIPPINE GENERAL HOSPITAL. The facilities are decent & clean, the staff competent. It is one if the very few places where the poor can go & good QUALITY Medical services, for the lowest fees available.
But the problem is, there is only one PGH to serve a country of 88 million (and counting). All the other government hospitals are simply a mess.

The government needs to find a way bring PGH-like medical services to the people. This means establishing MORE of such hospitals around the country, probably something like AT LEAST one at each of GMA’s defined “Super Regions”.

This way, the poor will have more hospitals to go to in time of need, & don’t have to travel all the way to Manila just to have themselves, & their children looked after for serious medical conditions.

‘Hospital Ships’

Another way of doing this, would be to invest in Hospital Ships. Unlike static Hospital buildings where people have to go to, Hospital Ships can reach far-flung remote areas around the country.

I envision a Hospital Ship travelling all throughout the country all year long, providing limited but FREE medical services to the poor wherever they may be.

Operating expenses for such a ship would probably be higher than ordinary hospitals, but the private sector could be asked to contribute also to its upkeep.


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