RP Loses To Jordan, 70-74

* First time I’ve seen Jordan play up close, & I don’t like what I see. First, they are way taller & bigger than us. They have a couple of tall, beefy players out there, which means all throughout the game we will always be outmatched in terms of height & heft in the no. 4 & 5 positions.

* And we’re not talking here of slow, lumbering & uncoordinated big men. These big men have have game. Almaaytah (7’0″) has bulk, mobile & has very good coordination, a terror in the shaded lane. Alkas & Idais (both 6’9″) are beefy, & can play both inside & outside well. They are like a much, MUCH better version of Mick Pennissi.

* Speaking of Pennissi, his stats all the way from Iran has been very poor. He’s supposed to be contributing from the 3 pt. range, but hasn’t done so consistently. His rebounding is shot (about 2 rpg), & his individual defense is barely passable. His inside offensive game is non-existent. We might as well have been having Jimmy Alapag playing Center for the team.

* We played man-to-man defense in the 1st half, & that was where we had trouble because we could not match up w/ their size at an individual level. We got back in the game by playing zone in the 2nd half, w/c is the right thing to do when playing against a taller, heftier team. Lucky for us, their outside shooting was NOT clicking. What if it did, or will?

* Our full court press also helped milk the time, & cause some turnovers. On offense, we did a lot of penetrations from halfcourt plays courtesy of Caguioa, & even guys like Raymundo w/c netted us some points. It seems they were also playing zone against us in the 2nd half, but we were using our quickness to slice thru the gaps. They may have mobility, but our players will always be a wee bit quicker than theirs, hence our success in those penetrations.

* Their frontline is basically their strength, which is probably why they took a backcourt guy for an import.

* Wright was definitely keeping a low profile in this game. Expect him to play a more “motivated” game in Tokushima.

* The reason why “The Spark” is world-class, is because of his ability to hit unconventional, sometimes off-balanced shot. That differentiates him from the Hontiveroses, or Yaps in the our local basketball scene. Very few players has the ability to do that consistently, & “The Spark” has it. Jordan has Wright, we have “The Spark”.

* I felt we did the right tactics in this game, playing to our strengths on offense, & got lucky on defense. But Jordan will not be an easy opponent for us in Tokushima, even w/ DS back with the team.


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