RP Wins Over Iran, 89-79

‘Overall Game’

* I feel we match up better w/ Iran compared to Jordan, because Jordan has 3 excellent tall players in Almaaytah (7’0″), Alkhas (6’9″) & Idais (6’9″), while Iran only has Ehaddadi (7’2″).

* Again we showed our quickness in this game, sustaining our running game all 4 quarters, & making a living on those drive & spot up plays.

* Iran’s mistake, was trying to match the RP NT’s running game in the 1st half. They initially were successful, but they could never match completely our speed, nor sustain it like we can, especially w/ Chot rotating men every 4-5 minutes on the floor. By the 4th quarter, they were basically walking back on offense. That eventually affected their shooting also.

* Chot realized Iran’s limitation in terms of lacking other quality big men, so allowed more double teams, further limiting Hadadi’s effectiveness.

* It seems we played man-to-man the whole game, while Iran played a man-to-man w/ Hadadi anchoring himself in the paint in the first half, then going to a 2-3 Zone in the 2nd half.

‘Iran’s Players’

* Ehadadi I think really is better than Ha Seung Jin overall, & if Ha got a shot at the NBA, I think Hadadi deserves no less. The only problem is, Iran & the US have been on very bad terms politically for some time now, so I think that will be the biggest stumbling block for him to get a chance to play in the US.

* M. Bahrami really plays like DS, & about the same height & heft, too. It’d be exciting to watch him go head-to-head w/ DS in Tokushima.

‘RP’s Players’

* “Tah-lava” was less effective in containing Ehaddadi than he did w/ Ha, but considering how important Ehaddadi is to his team, the fact that he was limited that much speaks very well of “Tah-lava’s” individual defensive capabilities at the international level.

* James “Yep” is settling down, I hope it continues from hereon. He’s learning that in international basketball, outside shooting is not enough, you have to learn to drive in strong to the basket also to draw fouls, hand off, or take a higher percentage shot. If he proves he can be consistent, I expect him to get ahead of Hontiveros in the rotation.

* Same w/ Eric “Mingk”, who has been contributing more both on rebounds & points. If he keeps this up, I think he deserves a slot in the team than Pennissi, who has shown nothing but a very “soft” game all throughout his entire stint w/ the RP NT.

* Williams also deserves a slot in this team w/ his athleticism, hopefully taking R. De Ocampo’s slot, & going ahead of Kerby “Rey-mondo” in the rotation.

‘Parting Shot’

* Great win for the NT. The game against Taiwan will be interesting, because its a running team also, & our big men will be tested by their twin towers.

* Final Note: In the pre-game interview, Iran’s Coach talked about not having their PG w/ this team now. He even described him as their “main man”. I wonder who this player is, & how much impact he will have against us in Tokushima. Good thing we hid DS, too.


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