RP Blasts Taiwan, 82-64

‘Overall Game’

* Only one word to describe this game, especially in the 1st quarter: I-I-I-T’S S-H-0-W-T-I-M-E!!! As expected, the game was on High Octane from start to finish, never letting up in terms of speed.

* After Iran, this is another team that got railroaded by the “Team Pilipinas Express”. They tried to run w/ us, but couldn’t keep up. We have a much deeper bench than they have, & when we started substituting players, we maintained the quality of our players, while theirs simply went down, making them ripe for the picking.

* This was my expectation when we played against that Japanese Youth team, which didn’t happen then. This Taiwanese team, just like that Japanese Youth team, is no taller than we are on all positions, & because of that, we have a big advantage in terms of individual skill & talent. This time, we simply overpowered them on an individual level.

* Both teams started out w/ a 2-3 Zone in the 1st Quarter, but Taiwan switched to man-to-man in the 2nd Quarter, & stayed w/ it up to the end of the game, while we stayed w/ the 2-3 until the 4th Quarter.

‘Team Pilipinas Players’

* On one hand, it is incredibly exciting to watch “The Spark” w/ those one-on-one shake & bake moves, but on the other, am wondering if he’s exposing himself too much to being scouted by the other teams.

* This win would’ve been punctuated by that alleyoop dunk attempt by Williams from that feed by “A-lapag” in the 2nd half. Too bad it missed.

* The players who I thought were on their way back to the rotation, like Hontiveros & “Rey-mondo”, or out of the team altogether like De Ocampo, came out & played well. It looks like those guys really want to make it on this team. Of course, this Taiwanese team is no taller than us, hence they had a better chance of giving better performances here, & they did.

‘Taiwan’s Players’

* I’ve always wondered how their Twin Towers would fare against our team, & it turns out, that only one of their towers lived up to the hype. Wu Dai Hao just made mincemeat of our big men’s defenses late in the 2nd half, turning out to be the one of the only two bright spots for that Taiwanese team.

* The other bright spot, is their star shooter, Lin Chieh Chin. The guy is simply amazing, at par offensively w/ “The Spark”. Even w/ a hand in front of his face everytime he took a shot, he was still making those 3 pt. shots consistently. Unbelieveable player, definitely one of Asia’s best.

‘Parting Shot’

* It is strange that ESPN would suddenly have “technical problems”, causing the telecast to cease w/ only around 4 minutes remaining, just when their home team was being gutted like a fish right there on the court. It shows at the very least, that those Taiwanese aren’t good sports.

* The most exciting victory for the team thus far. It’s back to business w/ the Qataris in the next game, though.


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