RP Wins Over Qatar, 88-80

* The thing that scares me w/ Qatar, are the same thing that scared me w/ the Jordanians: Their size, & rebounding.

* In the 1st quarter, both teams played man-to-man. For some reason, the Qataris were playing very tentatively, hence our 18 or so pt. lead over them then. In the 2nd Quarter, the Qataris started asserting themselves in the paint. Chot called for a time out, & the team implemented a 2-3 Zone. Their size advantage underneath was negated, & we again extended our lead.

* I didn’t notice the Qataris play anything but man-to-man against us, w/c is understandable, what w/ all our shooters & penetrators.

* In the 3rd Quarter, we again went to man-to-man, & they again started beating us down low. We went to the 2-3 Zone again, but this time, it did not work as well since the Qataris were more determined to come out & play.

* About the only consolation we have w/ this team, is that, unlike Jordan, their big men are not as good offensively. But Salem, Saeed, Musa & Abdulla really pounded us down low off the boards, it was not a pretty sight to see.

* This Qatari team here in the Jones Cup made a lot of turnovers, their free throw shooting was bad, they didn’t look like the team that ended up 2 or 3 the last major international tournament the last 4-5 years. If Chot thinks this is all the Qataris can play, & that we can beat them easily, then I think he will be in for a surprise in Tokushima. We may have beaten them, but we have exposed our weakness. A Qatari team that will be FOCUSED, & w/ a decent outside shot will beat our RP NT, & it may happen in Tokushima.

* Just like Jordan, only Asi was able to keep up w/ their big men off the boards, w/ Williams helping out a little. Menk was a bust against the bigger Qataris, while Pennissi as expected played like a little girl off the boards. The other big men simply were not able to keep up also.

* The speed & dominance we showed in the game against the Taiwanese were mostly gone after this game. I think its partly because the Qataris were able to keep up w/ us in defense, & partly because we were sort of taking it easy this time around.

* Tomorrow’s game should be “light” one, after all, it has the worst win-loss record in the tournament.


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