RP Beats Lebanon, 88-83

* Another “ironic” game for us. In the 1st half, both teams played a 2-3 Zone, where we buried them w/ our 3 pt. shooting. In the 2nd half, both teams played man-to-man, & it was Vogel’s turn to bury us w/ 3 pt. shots. We couldn’t go back to the 2-3 Zone, because first, Vogel was shooting the lights out; And 2nd, they were playing both of their PG on the floor at the same time, guys who are quick, could move around the ball, & who could shoot.

* Unbelievable 3 pt. shooting by Vogel, who at 6’11”, was literally having a shoot out w/ the 6’0″ Ren-Ren Ritualo. He must’ve had 6-7 3 pt. shots all throughout the game. Tired out at the end, though (he never sat down during the game) & missed his last 2-3 attempts from that range.

* Ren-Ren is really making a strong case to be included in the final lineup w/ that 5 out of 9 (?) shooting from the 3 pt. range. If he plays the next 3 games like this, expect him to be a shoo in to the team.

* Too bad the expected Al-Khatib vs. Danny Seigle match up didn’t materialize as both players sat out the game. I hope DS’ injury isn’t more serious than initially thought, as I feel we really need his presence in Tokushima.

* Kelly Williams best game in the NT so far, as he is really starting to assert himself offensively, just as expected. His 3 pt. shooting was good this time around, compared to the poor percentages he got in the Jones Cup. I hope it continues.

* A note to Jimmy Alapag, as he’s been trying that alleyoop dunk w/ Kelly since the Jones Cup, & all 4 attempts (at least) have misfired: It won’t work. Not at the international level. The PBA level maybe most of the time, but not at the Asian level, so F-O-R-G-E-T A-B-O-U-T I-T, as it mostly results in missed opportunities & turnovers.

* W/ us losing a 17 pt. lead at the half, expect another know-it-all blog from Chino about this game.


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