Syria Beats China, 90-85

* Got to watch the game live at the Araneta coliseum.

‘Syrian National Team’

* Terrific game by Madantley, easily establishing himself as one of the best in Asia. Despite the Chinese’s impressive athletic ability, they just couldn’t stop him, no matter how hard they tried.

* This Syrian team showed a great passing game at their half court game to break the Chinese’s defenses, & it worked most of the time.

‘Chinese National Team’

* The game announcer kept pronouncing Wang Bo’s name as, “Wang Bu” (reverse of the word, “buwang”, tagalog for “crazy”), & that really got the crowd going each & every time.

* It seems both teams played strictly played man-to-man defense all throughout the game.

* The Chinese went down by as much as 17 pts. in the 3rd quarter where they just couldn’t buy a shot whether from inside, or outside. They started making full & half court presses at the start of the 4th quarter, & after 6 or so minutes, that lead was GONE. However, the team just ran out of gas, & the Syrians eventually won.

* I think the Chinese could’ve won the game had Adiljan just been smarter in terms of rotating his men in the 4th quarter. These players may be young, but surely he doesn’t expect even them to be able to keep up a full court press for the whole 10 minutes, or one quarter?

* Either Adiljan is stupi_ enough to overlook such common sense strategy, or maybe he’s just arrogant enough to allow his team to lose? Who knows, he might even have approval from higher authorities for this team to maintain a low profile. That’s just speculation, of course, we’ll know for sure in Tokushima.

* At any rate, a team that was seeded as likely to win ended up LAST in this tournament of 4 teams, & out of the medal race after losing it’s last 2 games.

* One thing I noticed about this team, though, is that despite their height & quickness, they are not able to dominate the boards. It could because they lack STRENGTH to impose their will on the shaded lane. They also have trouble on offense, both inside & outside. They just have trouble making their shots.

* Despite that, its hard to write off this Chinese team, because seeing them up close, I am just absolutely amazed by their combination of speed, coordination & height. How could such players be so tall, & yet be so quick, fast & coordinated? Its like watching a platoon of quick-moving 6’8″ players. It is just scary, I tell you. They show a lot of promise. As of now, it’s all just promise, no solid results yet. That will come later, & when it does … wow.


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