Greg Slaughter's Philippine Basketball Debut

Slaughter Mania (Web Link)

2 baskets, or 4 points in Slaughter’s first game on Philippine shores.

‘The Next EJ Feihl’

After years & years of waiting, I think at last, Philippine basketball has finally found it: EJ Feihl’s successor.

No wonder there weren’t many US NCAA Div. 1, 2 or 3 schools were interested in him, & that his handlers tried to hide him for as long as possible from the public’s eye.

In a MINOR college league where he’s the only player near 7′, & next tallest player is only 6’8″, if he really had any sort of promise as far as basketball is concerned, he should’ve dominated the game. He didnt’t.

‘Slaughter Mania’

In a way, I have mixed feelings about seeing all the mania that Slaughter has generated.

First, a 6’11” player is quite a novelty, not only in Cebu, but I guess the whole Philippines. In my lifetime, & I guess for most Pinoys also, I have seen only ONE legitimate 6’11” player play out there on the court, & that is EJ Feihl.

Reading the accounts of “Slaughter Mania” at the Sun Star Cebu website, & you’d think it was Lebron James playing out there on the court, instead of a mediocre 7-foot Center.

And that, really is the problem: We just don’t have height, which is a critical component in basketball at its higher levels. Tall players are just so rare that we end up celebrating such novelty when it finally comes around.

I take consolation in that we are not only the ones in this position. I saw a basketball movie recently (unfortunately I missed the title) about the greatest upset in US NCAA basketball history. In that movie, the townsfolk ended up idolizing their underdog team for the rest of their lives, even if they never got anywhere near the US NCAA championship again.

I guess sometimes, its just not about winning, its loving the game.

As for Slaughter, if he ends up making “2 baskets” per game the next couple of games, the novelty will likely eventually wear off. His future? He MIGHT reach the PBA. After all, EJ Feihl did.


2 thoughts on “Greg Slaughter's Philippine Basketball Debut

  1. Ah … A Slaughter nuthugger, I see.

    Well, Slaughter was pretty miserable during his first year there in Cebu. I admit he has improved a lot, but face it, he just didn’t live up to all the hype when he first came there in Cebu.

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