2007 PBA Big Men Draft Picks

* Sam Eman at the PBA Rookie Camp reminds me of Bonel Balingit, who eventually became a Mythical Team-caliber Center in the PBA, even if only for a short while. He has almost the same height & heft, & with the willingness & enough coordination to use his size against other players. But the problem is, he is still a big “maybe”. Maybe he will develop into another Balingit. But then again, maybe not. If he does, well & good. But what if he doesn’t? Then the team would’ve ended up wasting it’s no. 1 pick overall.

* And that might be too much of a gamble for a no. 1 pick. If you are looking at the situation NOW, big men like Bono, Quinahan & Devance have a much more developed game than what Sam has now. Even if they don’t have Sam’s upside, or develop into an even better player later, they still have the quality of game they have now to fall back on to.

* And because of that, the “safe” thing to do for the careers of the Coaches out there, would be to pick a sure ball w/ the early draft rather than make a gamble. Unless a higher power within the team, like the team owners, for example, tells them otherwise.

* The team that will likely pick Sam, is a team that:
– Already has a strong frontline, & can thus afford to take risks w/ a project big man;
– Could not find a satisfactory player to fill the other “weak” positions in the draft (i.e., the other choices in the draft for the positions they need filling up with are also projects).

* As for Joe Devance, what makes Joe such a promising player in the draft, is that he has great ballhandling ability & quickness for a player his height & heft (by Philippine standards, anyway). He doesn’t seem to be much of a leaper like Kelly Williams, though, based on the limited videos I’ve seen him play.


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