Philippine Basketball Infrastructure

Most foreigners don’t realize just how good the Basketball infrastructure is. The country is known in the region as having the first & still active professional Basketball league.

However, even more than that, the country also has a VERY ACTIVE collegiate basketball scene.

The top 2 collegiate leagues right now, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) & Universities Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP), both rival the country’s professional league in terms of attendances, & TV viewership. Some even say the collegiate leagues are more popular than the professional & semi-professional leagues.

The popularity of college basketball in the Philippines drives the recruitment of the players all the way down to High School level, so much so, that High School prospects are already very well identified, & heavily recruited even before they reach their Senior year in High School.

Even though the country has not participated much in “Blank & Under” international youth basketball competitions, the country does have VERY DEEP pool of young players to draw from to be members of these types of teams. It’s now just a question of bringing the best of those talents together, & having them play in international competitions.

The basketball infrastructure in this country is really very, very good, easily one of the best in the world, because that’s how a good basketball infrastructure should be. Our only problem really, is that we lack the height to compete well at international level.


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