NBI Clearance Renewal – September 2007

Went out to renew my NBI Clearance recently at the mall near the Carriedo LRT Station.

‘The Negatives’

* The office facilities were generally pathetic. The 2nd floor had bare flooring, & where there are tiles, there were broken tiles every now & then. The cubicles were made out of painted plywood, & the workmanship was generally poor. The signs were either printed on bond paper, or handwritten, then taped using Packing / Cellophane / Masking tape, making them look very untidy & makeshift.

* One of the employees I asked, an old lady, was courteous, but another employee was borderline hostile. I even saw one employee answer back in a rude manner at another customer. Most (not all) of the people tasked to directing the human traffic were rude, constantly berating their people in the lines for not being able to read their minds & know what they wanted.

* There was an instruction on how to go about getting your clearance, but it was not in a place where you can easily see it when you first go in. There were no instructions posted on how to renew your clearance, you end up asking about it from the people around you.

* The process stations, or flow between the stations, was not smooth, as you sometimes end up cutting accross the other lines. This leads to a bit of confusion, as well as some inconveniences.

* I can’t understand why they need to put specifically the purpose of getting the Clearance, except that it is an attempt to generate more income for the NBI. By making the purpose of each Clearance SPECIFIC, you end up going out & applying for a new Clearance every time you need it for something else. The lines might be relatively quick, but it still does take some time because of the long lines of people, not to mention the additional costs of getting one.

* That area in Avenida was just downright seedy. When I got out of the building, a dark skinned, middle aged man in shorts, sando & slippers siddled up to me, & opened his palm, showing a beautiful gold Pendant & Necklace. He was offering it to me, & probably snatched from someone. How do I know? Because he told me. He said, “Boss, kwintas …. snatched”. I declined, of course. He even had a bodyguard trailing him, probably in case I turn out to be the person where that necklace was snatched from.

‘The Positives’

* The only positive thing about the building, was that you get to do the whole process in airconditioned comfort. At least you’re safe from the heat when you’re standing in line, waiting for your turn.

* The whole process took me no more than 30 minutes from the time I entered the premises, to the time I got out. The whole process consisted of 4 stations, & I estimate it took me no more than 30 secs. at most at each station, w/ the rest of the time spent standing in line. Which shows just how many people were there forming those lines.

* The fact that the critical process themselves were computerized helped a lot in terms of speedying up the process. They were able to make search their database, make changes, take the latest picture, & print out the clearance very quickly.

* The requirement for the latest picture also enhanced the security of the clearance as you need to be physically present when getting it. You can’t have somebody do it for you, or just submit a photo.


* I came away w/ mixed feelings about the whole process. On one hand, I admire the fact that the whole Clearance Renewal process was very fast, considering the volume of people that they were processing. On the other hand, the dilapidated facilities, lack of instructions, generally rude personnel was very demoralizing, to say the least.

* Makes you kind of wonder where all those P20 fee they charge goes to, after seeing their pathetic facilities. True, they have bills to pay also, but judging by the volume of people going to get or renew their clearances, they should have more than enough to improve the facilities.

* Is this the best the NBI can do, a COMPROMISE? Fast service, but w/ a lot of hassles (i.e., poor facilities, additional red tape, etc.) in between? (Shakes head).

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One thought on “NBI Clearance Renewal – September 2007

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