Erap's Verdict

Former Erap Estrada was finally found guilty & sentenced to life imprisonment after 6 years in trial. He is the FIRST ever Philippine President to have been sentenced in court w/ a prison term.

All I can say is, he asked for it.

He was given the chance by the GMA Administration to exit GRACEFULLY. A year or so back, he was allowed to Hong Kong for medical treatment, something to do w/ his knees. Hong Kong also just happens to be a country w/ which the Philippines had no extradition treaty with. With that, he could’ve easily asked for political asylum, & stayed there, or some other country also w/ no extradition treaty w/ the Philippines.

Hong Kong is ideal, since it is a progressive country, & at the same time very near to the Philippines, allowing his family & friends to be able to visit him regularly. Had he gone into exile, he at least would’ve avoided that dubious distinction in the Philippine history books. At least he could easily say later that he was never sentenced in court. ‘Antan_a talaga.’

But the moro_ insisted on coming back, insisting that he had “principles”. It’s probably those same “principles” which caused him to continually try to court & bribe sections of the AFP to instigate a coup attempt & hopefully kick the Arroyo government out of power & free him from prison.

Staying in the country to be sentenced as guilty is typical of the poor & incompetent decision making that hounded Erap all throughout his Presidency.


The next question now is, should he be Pardoned? If so, when?

The problem there, is that Erap had insisted he will ASK for Pardon, nor will he accept even if given one. He says he will continue to fight the charges all the way to the Supreme Court.

The way I see it, I think GMA should just Pardon Erap whether has asks for the it or not, so if he doesn’t accept the decision, the country will be treated to the pathetic spectacle of him trying to keep himself detained at Tanay. He will then likely lose more of whatever dignity, credibility & respect people have for him.

When, then? Let him stew a bit more in Tanay, probably in time when the next President takes over.


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