Joe De Venecia III & The NBN-ZTE Deal

Who, exactly, is Joe De Venecia III?

This ZTE deal is becoming a Public Relations nightmare for the Arroyo Administration, mainly because her government’s corruption accuser, is no less than the son of one of GMA’s close allies.

It’s one thing to hear news about corruption in the GMA Administration from the Opposition, but its another to hear it among her allies. You can expect the Opposition to exaggerate & even lie about charges of corruption against this Administration. It is in their nature & interest to do so.

However, when the charges start coming from her allies themselves, then that’s something that would make you sit up & take notice. At the very least, it means trouble is abrewing in her camp.

The way I see it, there are at least 2 scenarios on who JDV3 really is.

‘Scenario 1’

The first scenario, is that JDV3 is a champion of the people, going against the corrupt people in GMA’s Administration. He is someone who had experienced corruption first hand as a bidder on one of the government’s biggest projects, & has now come out to expose these people in the interest of ‘delicadeza’.

It doesn’t help, that a study had come out saying that the whole broadband project is “unnecessary”. Even worst, are the accusations that the project is overpriced.

So you have the broadband deal that is not needed, & grossly disadvantageous to the government which the government insist on pushing thru, had it not been for JDV3’s expose.

The fact that he has close relations to the GMA camp boosts his credibility, since he would not necessarily be doing it unless there really was a good cause to do it.

‘Scenario 2’

First, what the heck is the son of a the majority Speaker of the House doing, bidding on a big government project? Am not sure about of our government’s “Conflict of Interest (CoI)” rules, but I think this situation comes close to it, if only from the point of view of ‘delicadeza’.

Second, the company that JDV3 set up was valued at only P5 million, bidding for a project worth tens of billions of pesos. Not only that: His company is a new one, w/ no previous track record as a bidder in this type of a project.

Third: His company LOST the bidding.

Could it be, that JDV3, probably the family’s blacksheep, tried to make money on his own, by setting up a new company to bid on a government contract, hoping that his father’s connections w/ the Arroyo government will land him a “jackpot” project? But unfortunately for him, he failed to do so, & now is going after the Administration as some sort of payback?

‘Parting Shot’

It does seem that there are anomalies in the ZTE Broadband deal. That seemingly has become obvious during the course of these investigations.

However, am not really convinced that JDV3 is a “Knight-in-shining-armor” he claims to be, for the simple fact that, if you think about, if he had WON the bidding, that would still ended up as a VERY highly controversial issue for the GMA government.

Imagine this: A multi-billion peso government project ending up in the hands of a new company, w/ little capitalization & no track record, that only happens to be founded by the son of one of GMA’s closest allies. The Press (most notably the PCIJ), & the Opposition would’ve had a field day about it.

Now, if JDV3 really is a person of “delicadeza”, as he staunchly claims to be nowadays, he NEVER would’ve put himself in such a possibly compromising position, wherein his integrity would’ve been questioned. A person w/ ‘delicadeza’ would have NEVER bid into ANY government project, at least not while his father is still in power.

So how come he’s shouting to the world now about ‘delicadeza’?


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