Team Behold vs. FEU Team B (Oct. 6, 2007)

Team Behold vs. FEU Team B (Oct. 6, 2007)

* FEU’s Team B beats SBC’s Team Behold, 75-73 at the La Consolacion Gym in Mendiola. Quarter scores were: 2nd Qtr: 48 FEU, 28 SBC; 3rd Qtr: 68 FEU, 45 SBC

FEU Team B

* FEU played w/ its 2 imports, & both imports took the scoring cudgel for the their team right from the opening buzzer.

* Robert Kave (FEU no. 25)
– Import from Papua New Guinea. Tall & lean, about 6’5″ (est) w/ a semi-afro hair plays Center, but more of an outside shooter on offense.
– Had at least 4 triples in the game, w/ seemingly good percentage from the floor.
– Didn’t show much variety on offense, though. Just basically took his shots from long distance.

* Pipo Noonduo (FEU no. 23)
– Import from Cameroon. The more impressive import, wearing a red & yellow head band.
– He’s shorter than the other import, around 6’3″ (est), but medium-built & muscular.
– Plays the no. 3 position, & has the skills & talent to excel in it.
– Good one on one drive in moves to the basket, good outside shot, pretty much had his way in the 1st Quarter.
– The problem was that he was limited somewhat in output by SBC’s Singh.

* FEU no. 10
– Was quite impressive at the no. 1 positon, easily the best PG in the game
– Great ballhandling ability, excellent one on one moves, can penetrate, hit the outside shot, provided great leadership on the floor, almost everything you want in a Point Guard.
– Probably one of the team’s main scorers in that game.
– Seems to be slightly taller than SBC’s Point Guards, but just as lean. His lack of size may hinder him in the tougher UAAP games, but it seems he’s ready for the transition to their Team A.

* FEU no. 17
– At least 6’6″ or 6’7″, he & Kevin were the tallest players on the floor. Good mobility, but didn’t do much in the floor, & even had a couple of Kevin Emeka’s “Shot Block Sandwiches” shoved down his throat.

* FEU’s no. 9 & no. 11 also contributed well from the perimeter, helping FEU erect that huge lead in the 3rd Quarter.

SBC Team Behold

* Kevin Emeka (SBC no. 27)
– Tall, muscular, athletic, long limbed. At 6’6″ (est), he looked like the 2nd coming of Sam Ekwe there on the floor w/ his rebounding & shotblocking.
– Didn’t get his offensive game in the 1st 3 quarters, & I almost thought he had no offensive game, until he just exploded in the final quarter, making the game close.
– Easily had a triple-double in scoring, rebounds & shot blocks in that game.
– It looks to me like the Red Lion’s Center position is secure w/ him around even after Ekwe plays his last season w/ the Red Lions in 2008.
– I just hope EP had an off day yest., & will be playing better the next games. As for his outside shooting, he took a 3 pt. shot & a fade away shot, & his form was ugly. Good if he can consistently hit it even w/ that ugly form, but in both instances, he missed.

* Ajeet Singh (SBC no. 23)
– The only notable player in this game on SBC’s side, plays w/ a lot of intensity, generating a lot of excitement. He pounds the ball hard on the floor, & just barrels his way thru the lane. – Has enough upper body strength to be able to hit those difficult, acrobatic shots.
– Easily the most exciting player in the game. Has a good outside shot, too, draining at least 2 triples on what seemed like good percentages in the game.
– More importantly, he limited FEU’s no. 23 on defense when he started guarding him late in the 1st quarter despite the fact that he was a couple of inches shorter & a couple of pounds lighter.
– A bit on the short side, though, no more than 6’0″ (est). But muscular, & stocky. If he can bring that kind of game in the regular NCAA season games, he could give Pong Escobal & Garvo Lanete a run for their money.

* Elvin Pascual (SBC no. 31)
– I was looking for Elvin Pascual, to see what kind of game he has. He started the game at no. 4 w/ Emeka. If he was EP, then I’m not so impressed w/ his game.
– He’s not that tall, probably no more than 6’4″. Lean, he didn’t have the strength or leaping ability to make an impact on the game. In fact, I don’t think the guy has what it takes to make it big in College. Didn’t do much in the game, & he looked like just another 6’3″-6’4″ frontline role player.

* If you look at the Quarter scores, FEU scored 68 pts. in the 3rd Qtr., but finished w/ 75 pts., meaning they scored only 7 pts. In the 4th Qtr. You can credit that to Team Behold’s excellent defense in the last quarter. They started out w/ a full court press in that quarter that yielded a couple of turnovers. As for the other things they did on defense in the last quarter, I didn’t really notice that much as I was watching the players closely & was enjoying SBC’s run.


* I think FEU’s imports has what it takes to be good starters for their team. But among the imports in that game, Kevin Emeka was the most impressive, even if they had 2 imports going against him. FEU had better balance in scoring, indicating that they had the better local support, but Team Behold had the better import.


4 thoughts on “Team Behold vs. FEU Team B (Oct. 6, 2007)

  1. well meka of san beda, is an old guy,judging from his bald hair,he claimed to be 19yrs old but that was a lie,bigger lie,he is a lier you want me to prove more,,ask me!

  2. Ya i thaught of it,thats true, there is no sign of a teen in his looks,i keep sending my friends to ask sam ekwe about the real age of meka,ekwe changes the topic and never said anything,could it be that ekwe knows things bout the truth?


  4. All, I’ll keep an open mind about your accusations that Emeka is overaged, but the important thing here is, where’s the proof? If you can prove it, then fine, heads will roll once we bring the proof to the proper authorities.

    On the other hand, it is so easy to make accusations without proof.

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