Pacquiao vs. Barrera 2

* It is now clear that coming into this match, Barrera only had 2 main goals for this fight:
– Earn a lot of money;
– Not get knocked out by Pacquiao

* Never mind if he doesn’t win at all, as long as he lasts the whole 12 rounds. And he succeeded in getting both goals.

* Despite all efforts to avoid a knock out, however, he still nearly got himself so in the 11th round in the fight. And in that moment of desperation, that was where he was forced to BLATANTLY, UNSCRUPULOUSLY DISGRACE HIMSELF by hitting Manny as they were on the break. And he got Manny good, too. The slow mo clearly showed Barrera hitting Pacquiao smack in the jaw during the break. Manny’s legs were clearly wobbly after that. Credit the referree for immediately deducting a point off Barrera.

* That unsportsmanlike gesture did its job, though: It broke Manny’s momentum so he couldn’t follow up & knock out Barrera. With Manny wobbled, it allowed Barrera more time to rest & recover.

* What every Filipino COULD & SHOULD do, is petition the World Boxing Hall of Fame body to ban Barrera from the Hall of Fame for that cowardly act. I have a new, “creative” name for Barrera: Marco Antonio “Desperados Los Cojones (Desperate, Lost Balls)” Barrera.

* I saw Sugar Ray Hearns, Bernard Hopkins, Oscar Dela Hoya & Juan Miguel Marquez in the crowd at Ringside.

* Chino Trinidad & Quinito Henson did a better job of providing the commentary for the fight this time around. No more of that ‘Pabati’ bullshi_ they did the whole undercards in the Pacquiao-Morales 3 fight. Chino was mainly business, injecting the funny commentaries at just the right moment.

* Kyla sang the National Anthem the way it should, the way it is at your normal School gathering. No more of that “slowed up tempo” interpretation bull cra_.


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