Greg Slaughter's Game

The Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) season is over, & Greg Slaughter’s team, the University of Visayas (UV) Lancers, have won the CESAFI title. We’ve seen Greg’s videos posted over at, as well as reviewed his stats for this season. The novelty of seeing a 6’11” player out there on the court has also died out already, so I guess we can now try to make a more objective assessment of him as a basketball player.

‘Physical Gifts’

From the videos, Greg is quite impressive, mainly because of his quickness & coordination. At 6’11”, he moves like a typical 6’5″ Pinoy Center. He looks even quicker than Marlou Aquino, who has great coordination, but looks like he’s moving in slow motion sometimes.

There is no visible signs of awkwardness in his movements, unlike Balingit who always seems to be on the verge of losing control of his movements, or Feihl, who has that certain tentativeness in his moves.

From a physical point of view, he is a lot more gifted than most of the big men we have had in the past. He is much more physically gifted than EJ Feihl, who was slow & w/ limited coordination. His physical skills are much closer to Bonel Balingit, though he seems to be even quicker than Bonel.


The main chinks in his armor, though, are, that, first, he is not a high leaper. This is very evident in the videos, he just doesn’t have the “hops”. This leaves him vulnerable to being blocked, or even outrebounded by shorter “jumping jacks” out there.

Second, is his lack of big man skills in basketball. It’s either he has not been well trained in that area, or somehow his previous training did not sink in. He may not have any awkwardness moving without the ball, but once he has the ball in his hands & tries to go about his moves underneath the basket, that’s where the awkwardness starts to show big time.


For his whole season w/ the UV Lancers, Slaughter has averaged only about no more than 4-5 ppg. He was a non-factor in the critical finals of the CESAFI, where the Lancers were pushed all the way to the deciding Game 5 of their best of five title series.

It’s obvious that whatever potential he has, it has yet to be translated into reality. There is a question mark whether he will be able to do so at all. It might take awhile, probably years, if he does. He has a long way to go, & a lot of things to improve. And until he does so, I don’t think he can really be considered as a prime, blue chip prospect beyond the CESAFI league.


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