Glorietta 2 Bombing

* I work in Makati, & the first inkling we knew something was wrong was the constant ringing of ambulance sirens below. It went on for quite some time, every couple of minutes you would hear a vehicle w/ a siren passing by. Somebody in the office was texted about the explosion, & that’s when we started trying to get details from the internet.

* My two-cents about the bombing:

– The bomb was reportedly set off in an LPG storage area. If so, then this is probably one reason why the police initially thought the explosion was a result of an accident involving LPG tanks.

– The bombers were probably hoping that setting up the explosion in an LPG storage area will help magnify the effects of the initial explosion. Having the explosives go up w/ LPGs around might also help effectively mask the explosives from sniffer dogs.

– However, the bombers forgot that the LPG area also have some safety precautions in place to help prevent catastrophe from any explosion, accidental, or otherwise. In this case, the area was underground, & far from most human traffic routes. If you look at the pictures of the explosion, the structural damage was considerable, but it doesn’t seem to be commesurate to the human casualties. A lot of injured people, at least a 100, but “only” less than a dozen has died so far.

– I think ALL of the major malls out there should:
a) First, review their LPG storage facilities, & vastly improve safety precautions related to it to prevent similar attacks from happening again;
b) Evaluate other vulnerabilities that terorrists can exploit.


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