2007 PBA Rookie Performance – Nov. 2007

* I’ve been keeping a close watch on the rookies that have entered the PBA for the 2007-2008 season.

As of Nov. 4, 2007:

Ronjay Buenafe
– 31.50 mpg, 14.75 ppg, 8/34 (23.53%) 3-pt. ave. (poor 3-point shooting), 9/15 (60%) 2-pt. ave. (excellent 2-point shooting)
– Ronjay was picked no. 11 in the PBA Rookie draft, & has FAR outperformed both JC Intal (picked no. 4) & Ryan Reyes (picked no. 3) at this point in the season.

Joe Devance
– 25 mpg, 11.6 ppg, 8/25 (32%) 3-pt. ave. (average 3-point shooting), 13/33 (39.39%) 2-pt. ave. (poor 2-point shooting)

JC Intal
– 16.25 mpg, 3.25 ppg, 0/6 (0%) 3-point ave. (terrible 3-point shooting), 6/17 (35.29%) 2-pt. ave. (poor 2-point shooting)
– Picked no. 4 in the draft, miserable shooting from the floor. “The Rocket” has been a dud thus far in the PBA. If he doesn’t improve, he could be out of the league in a season or two

Ryan Reyes
– 17.67 mpg, 6 ppg, 0/6 (0%) 3-point ave. (terrible 3-point shooting), 5/9 (55.56%) 2-pt. ave. (very good 2-point shooting)
– Picked no. 3 in the draft, ave. performance, but still a disappointment considering no. 11 pick Buenafe is having so much better stats than him

Doug Kramer
– 19.75 mpg, 6.25 ppg, 10/18 (55.56%) 2-pt. ave. (very good 2-point shooting), 6.5 rpg
– Steady player, may have found a home in the PBA. Best rebounding stats among the rookies. Can’t create his shots, gets his points off hand offs or from the free throw line. Good role player.

Sam Eman
– 9.40 mpg, 3.80 ppg, 7/14 (50%) 2-pt. ave. (average 2-point shooting), 2.8 rpg
– Picked no. 2 in the draft, just not getting enough minutes on the floor

JR Quinahan
– 11.4 mpg, 4.6 ppg, 1/2 (50%) 3-point ave. (average 3-point shooting), 8/15 (53.33%) 2-pt. ave. (very good 2-point shooting), 3.2 rpg
– Limited minutes, creditable showing

Ken Bono
– 13.4 mpg, 4.6 ppg, 1/4 (25%) 3-point ave. (poor 3-point shooting), 8/24 (33.33%) 2-pt. ave. (poor 2-point shooting), 4.4 rpg
– Fat boy is struggling w/ his offense in the PBA, though getting decent rebounding numbers


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