The Collegiate Champion's League

I’m a big fan of this relatively new collegiate basketball leage, the “Collegiate Champion’s League” (CCL).

The main purpose of the CCL, is to try to find the Champion among the champions of the major collegiate tournaments in the country THRU ACTUAL COMPETITIONS.

Before the CCL, what was happening was that the champion of the most prestigious collegiate league gets to have the bragging rights as to being the “best” collegiate team ‘kuno’ in the country, at least as far as their followers were concerned.

With the CCL, that type of talking, boasting or assumption is done away with. If you are the champion of a collegiate tournament & think that you are the best collegiate team in the country, then you have to WALK THE TALK, & prove it out there on the court. It’s as simple as that.


Now, some teams tend prioritize their league title over the CCL, & I have no problems w/ that. But a team that does so I feel also automatically forfeits its right to make claims about their superiority compared to the other leagues.

It bothers me that some fans would insist on perpetuating their team’s supposed standing as far as the whole college basketball scene in the Philippines based on ASSUMPTION & BIAS, instead of actual competitions.

A very good example of that would be the 2007 Bantay Bata All-Star Game between the UAAP & NCAA teams. When one side lost, some fans came forward insisting that the losing side “… didn’t take the game seriously…”.

The implication, of course, was that they had the “superior” team all along, & that they would’ve won had they taken the game seriously. Also that, the other team was a FOOL for not doing the same & taking the game seriously (shakes head in exasperation).

Well, NOW ALL teams have the opportunity to participate in actual competitions “seriously”. So, who’s willing to walk the talk? Or maybe some teams are just content on talking, boasting & assuming, without proving it?


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