Possible Air21 Trades

“Than” of Pex has come up w/ a blind item about PBA trade rumors. Below are my opinions about these possible trades (Note: The player names & teams are all out of guesswork & by no means necessarily factual):

Arwind Santos & Doug Kramer for Yancy De Ocampo & Renren Ritualo:

* I have reservations about trading Arwind, but maybe if the right offer comes along ….

* Doug is a good role player for the team, but if they can get Yancy for him, then so be it. Yancy has a lot of upside on both ends of the court, even if his stats are down playing behind Asi & Jay.

* I don’t think Renren can be as, or more productive than Arwind, though. They’re hoping Yancy’s production will offset that, but its a bit of risk for me.

* Overall, I think “fair” ‘lang’, since the hope is that Yancy & Renren can lead Air 21 where Arwind & Doug couldn’t.

Arwind Santos & Doug Kramer for Mark Telan & John Arigo:

* Nope, I don’t think so. Arigo has been sort of streaky at best. Telan’s numbers are impressive, just don’t feel he’s worth an Arwind, much more an Arwind & Doug since he’s getting his numbers from a losing team.

Arwind Santos for Cyrus Baguio & Carlos Sharma:

* One player for 2, well, even if its Arwind Santos, it is an interesting proposition.

* “Sky-rus” & Arwind are both shooting poorly from the floor, but “Sky-rus” is shooting much better than Arwind, 60% to 48%, & averaging better points, too, 20 ppg to 18 ppg. Overall, I think both is worth each other.

* Carlo Sharma is a role player, providing good rebounding support (7.67 rpg) for Air 21’s frontline. But I am absolutely horrified by his percentages from the floor, only 29.51%, considering he’s a frontliner & is supposed to taking his shots nearer the basket. He needs to improve on those percentages a LOT. If not, he could be traded off later.

Arwind Santos & Doug Kramer for Sam Eman & Gabby Espinas:

* Another interesting trade. But is Eman worth an Arwind? Not sure. Eman has lots of upside as an offensive Center, but just not sure he is worth an Arwind.

* Espinas is fast & tall, but I don’t think he can be as good as Doug at this point, who’s doing a good job off the boards for Air 21. Gabby is a project at best switching to no. 3, but a good risk, since he is a former NCAA MVP.

* Intal & Doug for Eman & Espinas is a nice trade, though. Intal’s effectiveness has been very limited w/ Air 21, so he is “tradeable” at this point. But they would lose Dough’s rebounding. Eman could match the rebounding, plus a whole lot of offense from the post. Espinas could be bonus if he delivers w/ more playing time.


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