The Future Of The CCL

Despite the absence of some teams, based on the feedback I’ve seen from various forums, I think we can say that the Collegiate Champion’s League (CCL) has been a modest success thus far. A lot of people are watching it, talking about the games, waiting for the latest results. There are a lot of interest out there about the games & the league.

At the same time, this year’s CCL also highlighted the weakness of the organization that could seriously threaten its future. Being mainly an “invitational” league, it needs the utmost cooperation of the different school teams to ensure participation. Without that cooperation, the teams can simply refuse to join the tournament.

And therein lies the difficulty of coming up w/ a UNIFIED collegiate championship in the country. The way it is setup right now, holding a unified collegiate championship is like holding a party, where the guests can always refuse, & that the organizer hopes everyone will come.

‘Saving The CCL’

One possible way of strengthening the league, requires the cooperation not only of the teams, but more importantly, the different leagues themselves. What the leagues like the UAAP, NCAA & other leagues could do, is mandate on their by-laws that their champions be REQUIRED to participate in a unified collegiate championship like the CCL at the end of their respective tournaments.

Now, when you have a requirement, you would also need SANCTIONS to be put in place to force the teams to follow the rule. The best sanction would be to strip the teams of their championships or placings for the year if they refuse to participate in a unified tournament.

That may be a bit harse to some, but I feel it is the only way to ensure that a single, unified champion can be declared every season. Even then, I wouldn’t be surprised if some teams end up forfeiting their placements for one reason or another in some seasons.

How to convince the leagues to change their by-laws? Well, maybe the SBP can use it’s power to sanction leagues if they don’t agree to do so.

The thing is, unless this is done, unified tournaments like the CCL will end up always at the mercy of each of the school’s whim every season. This season, the excuses are that “we’re too tired”, or, “your seeding stinks”, or, “our Astrologer advised against it”.

Next season, some teams might not participate just to spite the teams that did not this season. In the end, that will just spell doom for the CCL. I can almost guarantee, that w/out a mandate from the leagues, teams WILL eventually lose interest in the CCL in the next coming years, seeing that anyone can just refuse to participate in it if they don’t want to.


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